16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (2023)

Hello folks, welcome back to the world where you can be yourself and share your true feelings. Today I'll show you some of the bestManhwalike solo leveling.

If you are new and wondering what Manhwa means, tell me to give you a brief synopsis of the word. Manhwa is the Korean term for comic and print cartoons and is originally from South Korea.

But now the popularity of the word has spread around the world. Although the simple term for manhwa is just like manga, the manga is black and white while a variety of manhwa are in color and this thing attracts people the most.

Now let's jump to the article here where I made the list of the best manhwa-like solo leveling that can be considered popular in the market.

And here I have special and additional information about “solo leveling”, the most popular manhwa, and many fans want to read something similar, so let's settle here with the best manhwa like solo leveling.

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  1. 16. Second-Life-Ranker
  2. 15. Versatile magician
  3. 14. The Blade of Evolution: Walking alone in the dungeon
  4. 13. Dungeon Reset
  5. 12. Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  6. 11. A returnee's magic should be special
  7. 10. Arifureta: From ordinary place to strongest in the world
  8. 9. Tomb Raider-König
  9. 8. I am the wizard king
  10. 7. The King's Avatar
  11. 6. So I'm a spider, so what?
  12. 5. The player
  13. 4. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
  14. 3. Point of view of the omniscient reader
  15. 2. The Ranker who lives twice
  16. 1. The beginning after the end

16. Second-Life-Ranker

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (1)

Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by her brother came back into her possession.

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(Video) Top 10 New Manhua/Manhwa like Solo Leveling

Inside he found a hidden diary that said: "By the time you hear this, I'll be dead...".

15. Versatile magician

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (2)

Our hero, Mo Fan, inherits aMagicNecklace; The next day she wakes up to find that the world has changed. Besecondary schoolnow teaches magic and students are encouraged to attempt to become accomplished wizards.

A world that used to be based on science is now running on magic. However, some things remain the same. She still has oneLehrerwho sees her as a hopeless student, classmates who look alike, aFatherstruggling to make ends meet and a little sister who isn't aroundbloodand who cannot walk alone.

However, Mo Fan discovers that the vast majority of magicians can only use one element of magic. Fortunately, however, he is an exception: a versatile wizard!

14. The Blade of Evolution: Walking alone in the dungeon

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (3)

A man awakened his healing ability, but that ability is garbage. During a mission in an underground dungeon with his team, all of his team members were killed except him.

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That was because of the angry "last priest" who was fired because of her. In this dungeon he was given a sword and enhanced his powers with that sword….

What would this man do about it alone?

13. Dungeon Reset

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (4)

I guess this manhwa has to be on the list. I'm not sure which category an energizing or exciting manhwa falls into. It certainly has the two angles, but you can't just appreciate it. That is, this manhwa is very clever in some cases and also exciting in different situations.

The rush and humor are on point, and it keeps you so eager and anxious that you can't even get off after you've finished it. Impressive and stunning work with its fine art and it definitely satisfies your eyes.

Ourmain characterthe manhwa experience has slipped my mind and it's called "Reset the Next User". For whatever reason, this reset thing didn't apply to the MC, but he's the only one left in the dungeon. With uncomplicated skills and a stunning weapon, the Jung-downSpielBeginnings in the dungeon.

12. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (5)

The script of this manhwa revolves around a game known as Lucid Dreams. In this game, a player namedHardcoreleveling warrior outstanding as the most popular player.

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Despite this, he reverts from level 99 to level 1 if an unidentified player executes him. Currently, the supposedly sober level fighter should gradually compensate for his name in order to get back his unique position and locate the unknown player.

After reading it, the concept of this manhwa will catch your eye and I can bet it will remain captivating and entertaining to the end.

11. A returnee's magic should be special

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (6)

The perfect artwork and of course the good pacing of the story make it stand out from the rest. To grapple with the fatal consequences, the main character of the manhwa is one of the six remaining saviors of mankind trying to stop the reign of this fatal destruction of mankind.

But after all his efforts, they were able to make it up to him and somehow he finds himself back in his past to stop this all-in-one shot.

And yes, with the epic combat, the story moves nicely and keeps you connected to the character as well.

10. Arifureta: From ordinary place to strongest in the world

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (7)

As you can guess what the name suggests, we can create the bottom of manhua.

However, Hajime Nagumo, who is shipped to another universe with the rest of his party, only gets the most normal enchanted abilities that propel him into battle to evolve.

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Maybe you're a little confused, but this is also among the best sellers, so just enjoy it once you feel the different vibe of it.

9. Tomb Raider-König

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (8)

If you feel like some of the manhwas are the same as Solo but let me correct you here, they are not the same but they do have quite a bit in common in their history.

The comic can attract your attention because of its well-drawn and funny character. The main thing to make your manhwa more conscious, your characters can be unique in relation to everything.

As God's tombs surfaced around the world, a discovery shocked everyone. The relics in the tombs can help them wield some unimaginable legendary powers. While some of them are able to use them, others are enslaved by these powers.

To know exactly what happened after that, read it yourself.

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8. I am the wizard king

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (9)

A slight sense of solo leveling that you feel when you start reading it.

The story takes place in our world, where out of the blue monsters appear in the dungeon and attack humanity. Before long, people amplified their hidden talents and began to fight back to secure their future. LeeSungHoon is also a hunter, but a weak one, but his job as a hunter acts as bait due to her mother's illness.

But he also becomes the only person who can save the world from thatMonsterby realizing that he was the Wizard King in his past life and with whose help he brings his power back.

7. The King's Avatar

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (10)

With another unique script, this manhwa is really something and no doubt a great watch like solo leveling.

The interaction between the characters is really amazing. The main character, Ye Xiu, is known for being the top player in a multiplayer game called Glory.

Due to some circumstances, he gets thrown out of his team, and being alone and broken, he leaves the residence as a manager in an internet cafe.

Therefore, we can try and consider it as good as solo leveling.

6. So I'm a spider, so what?

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (11)

Here this manhwa has a very different atmosphere with a pretty decent artwork with the story. And this manga is also filled with some exciting characters and funny moments.

Also in this Manhwa we have aReincarnationby MC Shiraori, who is a spider this time. But maybe some of you think that this is not your thing.

But overall it's pretty excellent and basic if you like things simple and minimalist.

5. The player

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (12)

From the title, some of you may be able to guess what this manhwa is all about. If you love this genre you must try it because the MC will entertain you with his humor.

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(Video) 2022 SS Rated Manhwa With Dungeon System Like Solo Leveling | Part 16

Jee-Han loves gaming and spends most of his time on it every day. Despite this, he is shocked when he notices a mysterious phenomenon in which he gains the power to overlay characters into the real world.

Since you are here for manhwa like solo leveling maybe this one will catch you.

4. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (13)

With the amazing storyline, the art makes this manhwa so outstanding. If you go and read a scene, you will definitely be amazed and you will be able to see how much time and effort the creator put into it.

Our MC named Hyun Lee worked hard to earn money but couldn't live happily with her grandma.

Despite some clichés, it will be an adventurous ride for you.

3. Point of view of the omniscient reader

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (14)

The story takes place in a bygone world when Kim Dokja's favorite novel, Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse, suddenly becomes a reality. As an independent reader of the novel, he occupies an exceptionally privileged position in the developing scene.

But he can't just turn into a hero and save the world just like that. For ten years this has been the only novel that has kept him alive and now he should discover the motivation behind why the world out of nowhere is overloaded with situations. Subsequently, it earns a place in the list of manhwa like solo leveling.

Well, this isn't one of the best manhwa's currently, but I think it's really worth being on this list.

2. The Ranker who lives twice

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (15)

Here's another manhwa like Solo Leveling and I'm damn sure you'll like it.

The story follows Yeon-woo; whose twin sibling disappeared five years ago. When one day he finds a diary in his brother's pocket watch that returns to him. And it says: "If you hear that, I'm probably already dead..."

In any case, more importantly, his brother fell victim to climbing the Tower of the Sun God. Presently, Yeon-woo decides to climb the peak and now he is no longer Yeon-woo.

This manhwa is consistent in every respect.

1. The beginning after the end

16 Best Manga/Manhwa-Like Solo Leveling - My Otaku World (16)
(Video) Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua/Novel With Leveling System. Manga/manhwa like solo leveling. | Tbate

Probably this is the most stimulating manhwa with the great storyline in the manga world. The artwork during theactionscene is the only reason you should read this. The MC King Gray has great strength, wealth and martial arts skills.

He also gets a second chance to live again if he really has now been reincarnated back into the new magical world and what seesdeterminationexpect him now?


What manga should I read if I like Solo Leveling? ›

Second Life Ranker is a must-read for Solo Leveling fans as it takes readers through Solo Leveling-like adventures but in a different setting.

What are some manhwas similar to Solo Leveling? ›

Second Life Ranker

If you liked Solo Leveling, you should have come across Second Life Ranker. After all, they're both about kickass MCs. SLR is a top-tier manhwa about the vengeance story of Yeon-woo, who learns of the cause behind his younger brother's mysterious death.

Can Solo Leveling get an anime? ›

Solo Leveling is finally getting an anime and will be helmed by some pretty big names in the industry. At this year's Anime Expo, popular webtoon Solo Leveling was announced to receive an anime adaptation. The webtoon is based on the web novel written by Chugong, which concluded back in 2021.

Who is the strongest Hunter manhua? ›

With the anime adaptation in progress, anime fans can check out the manhwa for a thrilling experience.
Solo Leveling: 15 Most Powerful Hunters In The Series, Ranked By Strength
  1. 1 Sung Jin Woo.
  2. 2 Sung Il Hwan. ...
  3. 3 Thomas Andre. ...
  4. 4 Liu Zhigang. ...
  5. 5 Christopher Reed. ...
  6. 6 Go Gun Hee. ...
  7. 7 Jonas. ...
  8. 8 Lennart Niermann. ...
Oct 10, 2022

Why Solo Leveling ended suddenly? ›

Solo Leveling Ending Explained

The message from rulers states that Shadow Monarch's great power could impact everything. According to them, a world without Mana is way too weak to handle Jin-Woo's powers. Also, now that every problem in this world has been solved, there's no reason for Jin-Woo to stay here.

What is the best Korean manhwa? ›

Created by Soonkki, Cheese in the Trap is often considered one of the top manhwa to read online. In fact, Cheese in the Trap proved to be such a hit manhwa in Korea that it was adapted into a k-drama of the same name.

What anime did a 1 pictures make? ›

Three anime series were produced that year for the project: Sound of the Sky, Night Raid 1931 and Occult Academy.

Who will animate Solo Leveling? ›

A-1 Pictures will produce the highly-anticipated anime adaptation of the webcomic Solo Leveling, with a 2023 premiere window now in place.

Does Japan like Solo Leveling? ›

Solo Leveling Is Popular In Japan? The manhwa series 'Solo Leveling' has been not just popular in Korea but all over the world. Even if someone has not read any manhwa, they surely have heard the name of Solo Leveling. Worldwide popularity means Japan is no exception.

Can Hisoka beat Ging? ›

He's extremely strong, which is evident from the fact that Netero considered him to be one of the top 5 Nen users alive during the Chimera Ant arc. Ging's true abilities aren't known right now, but he's still powerful enough to defeat Hisoka, from what we've been told.

Who is strongest villain in HXH? ›

Meruem. Meruem is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant arc, the king of the ants, and by far the most powerful character in the series. Were it not for Netero, Meruem would likely have taken over the world. Not only is Meruem the strongest villain in Hunter X Hunter, but his story is one of the best in the series.

Which is better Solo Leveling novel or manga? ›

if you want good story, read novel. if you want good graphic, read manga. anime is beyond that. They both have their pros and cons, from a strictly narrative/plot perspective, the novel tells a more detailed story.


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