Pedro and Chantel: 10 Facts About the 90 Day Fiance Couple (2023)

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TLC's 90 Day Fiancé has produced some pretty iconic couples, and none more so than Pedro and Chantel.

Pedro and Chantel: 10 Facts About the 90 Day Fiance Couple (1)

TLCs90 day fianceis by far one of the best shows in the program. Who wouldn't want to watch two lovebirds get married in 90 days so one of them can get US citizenship? It's obviously a fairy tale waiting to happen.

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And in the case of Chantel and Pedro, who are easily one of the best 90 Day Couples to date, their fairytale didn't disappoint. It came with love, drama and more drama in Pedro's whirlwind romance, here are ten facts about the 90 Day Lovers:

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10 Chantel and Pedro will be in 90 Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

TLC really knows how to create excitement, right? Sothe teaser for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?Chantel and Pedro came out earlier this year and to the delight of all true fans, they're back on our TV screens. They didn't disappoint with that. Chantel and Pedro delivered all the drama we've come to expect from them in this 15-second teaser, and we honestly can't wait for the show to premiere in April.

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There was so much going on in that teaser that there wasn't time to process it, and we just hope that doesn't end there for Chantel and Pedro.

9 Pedro is seen dancing with another woman

So let's break this down for a moment.The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever AfterTeaser tells us two things for sure: 1. Chantel's mom still hates Pedro and is ready for her daughter to move on, and 2. Pedro was seen dancing quite inappropriately with another woman. This leads us to believe that Chantel's mother is breaking out her taser to avenge her daughter's honor, or at least is using it as an opportunity to prove her point. Is Pedro the opportunist she always thought he was? Nevertheless, Pedro has to explain his newly found dance partner and some selected dance steps.

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8 Chantel and Pedro are STILL married

This journey further90 day fiancewas a wild affair for Chantel and Pedro, but for all the drama in the 15-second teaser, I realize that Chantel and Pedro are STILL married. There was so much speculation about their relationship falling apart over the past year that it didn't look certain they would pull it off. However, this teaser confirms that no matter how rocky or criticized the relationship is, they are still together.

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That being said, we're just hoping they can hold this thing together. I have to cheer for these two.

7 Chantel doesn't like it when Pedro sends gifts to his family

If you remember watching the season finale, say anything for90 day fianceSeason 4, then you know that Chantel isn't too happy about Pedro feeling obligated to send money back to his family in the Dominican Republic, and in a way, she can't be blamed for that. Seriously Pedro, you can send more money to your family, but you can't take my girl on a date? you gotta do better Chantel claims she has no other problem with him sending money to his family, but seeing how his mother and sister treated Chantel, it's hard to believe there's more to the story. The new season of90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever Aftergoing wild. The calendar is marked.

6 Chantel and Pedro's families don't like each other

Anyone who has watched 90 Day Finance Season 4 will know the drama surrounding Chantel and Pedro. Like your modern Romeo and Juliet tale, these two hapless lovers have families who don't like each other, to say the least. Chantel's family thinks Pedro is an opportunist, and it looks like Pedro's family doesn't like Chantel much either. Sounds to me like maybe 90 days wasn't enough for these families. Love wins over everything else though, so we're wholeheartedly here for Chantel and Pedro's relationship.

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We just hope that one day their families can learn to like each other.

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5 Chantel lied to her family about being engaged to Pedro

Yes, that's right, she lied and has been paying for it ever since. Because Chantel and her family are so close, it's hard to believe she lied to them about something as monumental as an engagement, but when we first met Chantel, that's where her ongoing drama began. Why did you have to lie to Chantel? However, Chantel spoke to her mother about Pedro and in this scene she is wearing a ring. Surely every mother asks questions when she sees her daughter with a ring on her finger?

4 Chantel made her family exist on 90 Day Fiancé

After going to the Dominican Republic despite her family's fears, Chantel becomes engaged, doesn't tell her family, and then gets them to film a reality show. Wow Chantel, I have to admire your boldness.According to an interview Chantel did with The Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Once Pedro's visa was approved, she convinced her parents that she did another unnamed reality TV show to get her on camera." Chantel claims "they were suspicious." Girl, so would we. However, Chantel is a daredevil and nothing stands in the way of true love. She should have just said something to someone.

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3 Pedro proposed after Chantel's third trip to DR

These guys don't waste time, do they? For those of you who are new90 day fiance, the K-1 visas the fiancé receives from the United States government requires the couple to meet in person to obtain the visa. Luckily for Chantel and Pedro, no body of water would stand in the way of true love. On Chantel's third trip to Pedro's home country, the Dominican Republic, Pedro proposed to his now-wife and the whirlwind engagement began. We all locked ourselves in for 14 episodes and just prayed these two and their families would make it to the big day.

2 Chantel lived with her parents before she met Pedro

Chantel is clearly the kind of girl who will stand up for what she wants. She lived with her parents while studying to become a nurse and still found time to take Spanish classes. you go girl However, we were surprised to learn that she had never lived with anyone before moving in with Pedro. Like woah girl, do you really know this guy?

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He might be crazy. Luckily, as time went on, we got to see their relationship unfold and we became a little less skeptical about their living situation. Now if the families could pull themselves together...

1 Chantel and Pedro met through a mutual friend

We all know the premise of90 day fianceis that these couples meet, fall in love and get married within a few months. Knowing this, Chantel and Pedro are easily a favorite of the crowd90 Roofscouples. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they met through a mutual friend while Chantel was looking for a Spanish teacher. Her story turns into a real fairy tale as Pedro, who also wanted to learn English, seemed like the perfect candidate. Little did Chantel know that Pedro would soon be the love of her life, her90 day fiance, and later her husband.

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Well... hopefully the edits in this teaser got the best out of them90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. What other facts do we need to know about Chantel and Pedro? Tell us in the comments!


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