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Chapter 437 - Die (2)

Some time ago Lee Gun was talking to Aslan, who had regained consciousness.

- The Great Spirit of the Ennead is a formidable foe. He is the strongest among the gods. That's why I couldn't kill him in the end.

- !

- I'm sure he has a secret, but I haven't been able to figure it out either. To be honest, I have no idea how to kill him.

Aslan said that the Great Spirit of the Ennead was a god that even the Primordial God could not kill.

- It will be a difficult task.

Aslan was worried about Lee Gun.

However, Lee Gun was not worried about his own well-being at the moment. "Die you immoral bastard."


Hugo screamed as he saw the heavenly punishment flying towards him. However, the weapons did not stop.


The heavenly punishment fell right next to Hugo's ear. After narrowly avoiding the ax blade, Hugo felt a certain part shrink.

Lee Gun's eyes flashed. Unlike his normal self, he wasn't laughing right now.

An excited Hugo shouted: “Ahhhk! Wait a moment. Listen to me…!"

However, Lee Gun acted as if he was not worthy of his hearing; put the ax down again.


"Ahhh!" Hugo felt like he was going to die.

Heaven's Punishment was a weapon that grew stronger when the opponent was a monster.

So in front of the current Hugo, Heaven's Punishment roared more psychotically than usual.


"Damn it!"

Finally, Hugo screamed as he bent his head back. Folding his legs and twisting his waist, he narrowly avoided the weapon.

Lee Gun got a little angry when he saw that Hugo was avoiding everything like a mole in a game of mole. "You dodged them all?"

“Of course I can avoid them! You taught me how to do it!”

This was an attempt to bring out the good side of Lee Gun, but it failed.


In the next moment, black flames erupted from Lee Gun's body. Hugo screamed when he realized that he was death stage 6. He was an ordinary fly, but Lee Gun used the power of the Great Spirit. Lee Gun seemed furious.

[It doesn't matter what you tell me.]


[Do you dare to harm the people around you?]


He didn't care if Hugo verbally abused or betrayed him. He was used to hearing abusive language. Moreover, another betrayal at this point would not upset him. All he had to do was kill the traitors and the problem would be solved.

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But the story became different because Hugo conveyed the pain to his family and those who supported him.

[You burned your family picture. You have actually driven a stake into your wife's heart. People around you were worried because of you!]

"No! That's not…!"

[I'll give you a chance to explain yourself.]

"Great. So what happened is—"

[Law. You haven't said anything worth listening to.]

"Hey! I didn't even get to say anything—”


Lee Gun didn't seem to plan to listen to him from the beginning. He waved his finger back and forth.

[Are you on the side of humanity or on the other side?]


[Just give me that answer.]


It was a question that cut to the heart of the matter.

Lee Gun didn't feel the need to hear an apology, explanation, or other trivial reasons. He asked Hugo to choose a position unequivocally.

If Hugo said he was on the side of humanity, some tacit meaning could be gleaned from it. com

However, Hugo did not open his mouth.

Lee Gun's eyebrows twitched in anger.

'Shut up...'

From the perspective of a being protecting humanity, was it the right choice for him to spare the monarch who invaded Earth?

If Lee Gun had let his temper decide for him, he would have reduced Hugo to ashes by now, but the faces of his nieces and nephews kept floating in his head.

Lee Gun announced his stage 6 mod. “This is your last chance. Do you want to come back or not?"

Hugo sighed when he heard that. "Alright."

"You should have said that from the beginning..."

"I have no plans to return."


Lee Gun's eyebrows rose. He couldn't believe his ears. "What the hell did you just say?"

“Why would I come back? As I said before. You make me so angry that I want to rip your mouth off your face."

Lee Gun's eyebrows furrowed. What the hell did he just say?

With a stunned expression on his face, Hugo continued: “What? Do you want to give me a chance? After becoming a Zodiac, your arrogance became high enough to pierce the sky. Idiot."


“I originally planned to follow you. I would take my time to infiltrate humanity and raze their land to the ground. I don't want to do that anymore. I can't even do that because I don't want to see your face. It's disgusting."

Lee Gun attacked when Hugo revealed his true colors. He didn't even feel the need to answer. He just stomped on the ground with the Shackles of the Underworld.

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As if drawn by a magnet, Hugo was lifted into the air.


The shackles of the underworld were weapons that could dominate an opponent's destiny.

Lee Gun took away Hugo's freedom of movement. As Hugo collapsed to the ground, Lee Gun put power into the Underworld Shackles, which were shaped like pincers.

Black flames erupted as the weapon morphed into a sword. Lee Gun summoned Death. He had a cold look in his eyes as he grabbed Hugo by the head. "Is that all you have to say?"

Hugo laughed resignedly. "Kill me. I have one last request though."

There was no reason to comply with the request, but Lee Gun frowned. "What is it?"

"Don't let the world know you killed me."

Lee Gun faked a laugh. He burst out laughing because those were the funniest words Hugo had ever said.

However, his reaction lasted only a moment. His eyes became colder and angrier than ever before. "I was wondering what you were going to say."

Hugo's words seemed to further enrage Lee Gun. "Why? Are you embarrassed to die at my hands?"

“This is my request. You could say I was raging before I died. You can say that someone else was taking care of me. It can't be you. Even if I die, Jiwoo and the children must never know. At the end of the day, I am Jiwoo's husband. I am the father of my children."

Lee Gun scoffed. "What? Your pride won't allow it? You want to be remembered as a great father?"

Hugo replied, "I want you to be a hero to my children forever."


Lee Gun blinked. For a moment he couldn't understand what Hugo was trying to say.

Soon Hugo spoke as if in pain. “Because it's something you did, my children will accept your decision, but at the end of the day, you would have killed their father. Although they might accept it in their heads, their heart could not accept it.”


Although they could accept it in their heads, they were still human. Could they really love someone who killed their father with all their heart? Can it be guaranteed that not even an iota of hatred will appear in their hearts?

Hugo didn't want Lee Gun to be hated for something as insignificant as his death. "They started liking you from a young age. I wish you could be their hero forever like you are now.”

It wasn't just children. Hugo knew what Lee Gun had to do to return as a hero.

“I don't even want you to become the subject of gossip. It is my fault, so please fulfill my request.”

Lee Gun was silent. From the looks of it, Hugo wasn't lying. In fact, his current expression was something he knew very well.

'That's right.'

It was the face of his idiot friend, who had been waiting for him for twenty years. He did it himself because he trusted Lee Gun.

When everyone thought Lee Gun was dead, they tried to sell him for power and wealth. Hugo was the only one who remained firm because he kept a clear conscience.

It didn't matter if he was a monarch. He was someone Lee Gun knew. That's why he looked at Hugo as if he couldn't understand something. "Why are you like that, Taeksoo?"


Lee Gun released Hugo.

Hugo looked at Lee Gun in surprise. His friend's murderous intent disappeared.

It was hard for Lee Gun to understand. Everything pointed to the fact that the man in front of him was a friend who knew, but still continued to do things that were out of character.

Hugo said, "Hmmph. You're so easy to fool—"

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“Speak, asshole. Sungjae just telepathically sent me a message. He said you took the parasitic monster out of his body.”


Now, Hugo had no way to trick Lee Gun.

Finally, Hugo sighed as if he had given up. "If I don't act like this, I can't fool Wind."


"Yes. The wind has secretly set up a watcher for me."

Lee Gun's murderous intent was nowhere to be seen. He scrunched up his face, immediately realizing what was happening. "Is that why you burned the family picture???"

Lee Gun looked like he wanted to beat up Hugo.

Hugo screamed as he tried to hold Lee Gun back, “If it's you, you can recover the burnt image!!! Also, I will disappear in the future! I didn't want Jiwoo to cry while looking at my picture!! Kuh-hah!!”

"That's why you burned everything??? Also, what do you mean you're going to leave?"

"It's…" Hugo hesitated before saying, "Karmic debt."

"Karmic debt?"

“I found out about it after I remembered. Eternal Change has a huge amount.”

Eternal Change mercilessly killed and ate countless gods, and he was brought to justice for it.

After being captured by the Creators, he lived as an inhabitant of the Divine World. Because of this, the karmic debt system was applied to him as well. That's not all.

Hugo remembered it clearly. He may have done it out of revenge, but his actions were too depraved and inhumane even considering that he allowed his predatory instinct to take over him.

The weight of guilt and sin for his action was too heavy.

Did the Great Spirit of the Mahabharata know the motive of Eternal Change behind his actions? Or did his sense of guilt for killing the Prime God and the Creator still exist in him?

Be that as it may, instead of condemning Eternal Change for his karmic debt, the Great Spirit gave him a punishment in which he would be reincarnated.

If the monarch was condemned for his karmic debt, it would harm the Divine World.

To be condemned for karmic debt would mean a situation like that which the Lord of Heaven and the other Great Spirits had just passed through. They ceased to exist when they could not overcome their karmic debt.

However, Hugo was not a god. Being a monarch, he had no idea what kind of monster would emerge when he received his karmic debt. His case was unprecedented.

Unlike the gods, he had a solid body. It would not cease to exist. Instead, a rare monster would be born.

In other words, Hugo's death could destroy the divine world or cause a catastrophic event.

- That's why Samsara Hell will give you the harshest punishment of human reincarnation. While you are a human being, your karmic debt will be deferred.

The punishment of Eternal Change was to live as a human, as a lowly bug. It would have been humiliating, and the Great Spirits preferred him to die in pain like a human.

However, things were different at the moment. Hugo regained his memories and power. He is back to being Eternal Change.

"A karmic debt that has been delayed for several thousand years will be activated."

In other words, he was a ticking time bomb. So, how could he stay close to friends and family?

That's why Hugo planned to get rid of all the problematic figures. He would then go to a place not connected to the earth and pay for his sins there. That's how he would disappear.

Lee Gun raised his eyebrows as Hugo's plan left him stunned. “So you planned to die? Were you planning to build a family house for children? You did it despite the newborn?"

"It's better than being drowned in my karmic debt and suffering the same fate! Also, I have life insurance, and they will get my pension!! There will be plenty!! Also…!"

"Also, what!!"

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"You can do anything. You are the god of creation, so I thought maybe you could keep my death a secret. I was hoping you would make a clone of me as a replacement!!”

"What the hell are you talking about, idiot?" An enraged Lee Gun spewed fire from his mouth as he kicked Hugo.

After beating Hugo, Lee Gun turned around in a rage. "Damn it! I acted like a moron for having to deal with that bastard."


"Let's go."


Lee Gun spoke as if wondering why Hugo had a stupid expression on his face. "Don't worry about the karmic debt placed on you."


"I can cover it up with a release sentence."

“What... What? But I…"

Hugo had too many karmic debts. There weren't enough release tickets to wipe out all that debt.

Lee Gun snorted as if he had read Hugo's mind. "Kill ten thousand to save one."


Lee Gun was a god who could kill ten thousand to save one. It didn't matter who the target was. It also didn't matter how heavy or numerous the karmic debts were. He simply had to get rid of them all.

"It is not difficult for me to save you."

Hugo put his hand to his forehead as he passed out.

[Hugo Otis' faith grows]

[Faith in Serpent: 1000%]


With a notice, a light erupted from Lee Gun's body. After a heart attack (?), Hugo could no longer hide his faith.

A change occurred in Lee Gun's body as Faith rose.


His body, soul, and Divine Status were all damaged, but they all instantly regenerated. His sick body immediately felt light.

'As expected, he's a cheat code.'

Hugo's faith was inexplicable in the past, but it seemed possible thanks to all the inner power he had gathered as an Eternal Change.

Lee Gun coldly turned away, and Hugo stood up in joy.

"Can I really go back now?"

"That's right, moron." Lee Gun nodded without hesitation, but then suddenly stopped. "Except."


Lee Gun smiled brightly. "You have to die once before you come back."

Hugo's scream echoed.

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