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Book 1, Epilogue 12 - Pusher Maker (1)

"Hmm. This is confusing!”

Observing the scene before him, Lee Gun furrowed his brows. He looked at Hugo as if Hugo was miserable.

In the end, Lee Gun let out a long sigh. "Are you an idiot? Why can't you do that?"

These words angered Hugo. "Ahhh! Of course I can't do that!! How do you expect me to shoot a person?”

Hugo practiced archery, but his target was not an object; it was a man, a sixteen-year-old kid!

Hugo expressed his anger towards the target. “Hey, Jaewon! Why did you agree to become a target? Are you crazy?!”

Lee Jaewon cocked his head in confusion as if Hugo was talking nonsense. "I am not a target. That's an apple on my head!"


Unable to take it anymore, Hugo looked at Lee Gun. "Teacher, teacher, professor! Shooting a live target like this is too dangerous!"

"Why? I saw other archers shoot the apple."

"No! You've seen them in the movies! Also, how far do you think it is? It's got to be at least a few hundred yards!"

“You can't do it? I thought they called you the Divine Archer. Does that mean you're not an archer with perfect marksmanship?"

"He's right. Why can't you guess? Are you an idiot or something?"

“Hey, Lee Jaewon!! You shouldn't say that! The normal thing is to run away!”

"I'm not well. Lee Gun-nim will compensate me for the damage. Each arrow will bring me a million won. He said he will give the money from Hugonim's pocket.

"Hey!!" Hugo ground his teeth.

Lee Jaewon was someone Lee Gun figured would prove useful. Because of this, they started taking Lee Jaewon everywhere.

Of course, Lee Jaewon was an ordinary man, so they didn't plan to bring him to dangerous places.

'However, monsters cannot sense Jaewon's presence.'

They wondered why this was so, but the answer was very simple.

'He said that while running away from the scene of the monster subjugation, he accidentally brushed against the magical energy of Cancer.'

Lee Jaewon was the reason everyone thought the thirteenth was born the same way.

Because of this, Jean-Louis was interested in Lee Jaewon and raised him as a thief.

However, Lee Jaewon was not like the fully awakened superhumans. He was a normal man with extraordinary senses.

That's why Lee Gun thought that Lee Jaewon would be useful to him.

"I heard that you became an orphan after accompanying your parents on a business trip. You can help us by working as our porter. We will feed you if you are willing to do so.'

Hugo was touched to see that side of Lee Gun, but now...

"What kind of target is that?! Give me a real target! This is too dangerous...”

Annoyed by his words, Lee Gun bowed to Hugo. He aimed at Lee Jaewon like it was no big deal and fired an arrow.


There was no hesitation.

In the next moment, the arrow destroyed the apple on top of Lee Jaewon's head.


Both Lee Jaewon and Hugo were surprised.

"He hit him?"

Lee Gun threw the bow back to the surprised Hugo and said, “At this distance, his safety is guaranteed. You can do it, can't you? Hurry up and shoot."

Hugo despaired. He howled as he pounded the ground with his fist. "Damn! He's so cool… No, it's dangerous to shoot a human… Master is a close range fighter, so why is he so good at shooting an arrow… No, it's still dangerous… As expected of a Master…!!!"

Lee Gun furrowed his brows as he watched Hugo.

"Something is wrong."

When he tested him, Hugo's stats weren't too bad. Even though they were terrible by Lee Gun's standards…

'They're not so poor that he can't kill monsters.'

Above all, Hugo's speed was his best attribute. This sometimes surprised even Lee Gun.

'His accuracy isn't bad either.'Google search 𝑛𝑛𝑛𝑛𝑆a𝑑. ч

Because Hugo was called the weakest of the group, Lee Gun thought Hugo was useless and couldn't hit the side of the barn with his bow.

However, Hugo was unexpectedly good with onions. He was still inexperienced when engaging targets at long distances, but his accuracy was 100% for targets within three hundred meters. He wasn't bad enough to be mocked by the other Saints of the Zodiac.

If only Lee Gun could point out the problem…



Lee Gun furrowed his brows as Hugo finally shot his arrow. The distance between Hugo and Lee Jaewon was a hundred meters. Hugo's accuracy should have been 100%. However, the arrow flew in the wrong direction.

Lee Gun clicked his tongue.

'Its accuracy is terrible if a human is present.'

Yes, Hugo's accuracy would drop if living creatures were close to his target.

Lee Gun asked, "Why are you so afraid to shoot the bow if people are there?"


“The difference in your accuracy is too great when you shoot inanimate targets and when you have human targets. I wonder if there is a reason behind this?"

Hugo clumsily scratched the back of his head. "I guess… Maybe it's related, but I've been wrong before."


"I was trying to save a hostage from being eaten by a monster when I mistakenly shot him in the leg."


"Of course, there were no life-threatening injuries and I managed to save the hostage. However, my accuracy drops whenever people are around…”

Lee Gun immediately accepted the apology.

'I see! That's what happened.'

When eliminating monsters, it was inevitable to run into people who were running away, and Hugo's accuracy would drop drastically in fights where monsters and people were mixed.

"That's why they call him an idiot."

It was better not to have a shooter if his accuracy was this low. That left the fight close, but Hugo was a bit too…

“Hey. Sit down."


After bringing in a small table, Lee Gun settled in for an arm wrestling match. Hugo hesitantly sat down on the other side.

Lee Gun smiled. “I will relax my hand and you will use all your strength. If you move my hand one degree, you win.”

“Hmmph. One degree? Wow! You really underestimate me. I'm a superman like you!” Hugo laughed as he grabbed Lee Gun's hand and put power into his hand.

'He doesn't even put strength into his hand!'

"I'll get your approval by pinning your… Ahhhhhhk!!!" Hugo shouted as he tried to pin Lee Gun's arm. "Ahhh! It won't budge at all…! Teacher, teacher, professor!! You broke the rule by putting power in your hand!”

"What are you talking about? I don't bend at all"

"You're not putting strength in your hand?! Ooh-ahhhhhk!!” Veins began to bulge on Hugo's forehead. He squeezed all his strength as he tried to move Lee Gun's hand.

In the end, he found himself not up to the task. So he spread out his other arm and shoulders to try to pin down Lee Gun's hand. However, Lee Gun did not give in at all.

In the end, the only thing that happened was Hugo's feet buried in the ground. “H…Huh-uhk…!! You are like a rock, teacher.”

Lee Gun clicked his tongue as he looked at a tired Hugo. Another problem with Hugo was his strength. Hugo was extremely weak when it came to strength!

'That's why they call it the spray gun.'

Of course not because this was a surprise for Lee Gun.

'That makes it useless even if it has good accuracy.'

That would be similar to dealing 1,1,1,1,1... damage to a monster with ten million health.

This left Hugo stuck at the bottom. Then there was the last problem…

"Ahhhk!! Help me! I'll be eaten!"

Lee Gun ordered the slime to turn into a rabbit monster, and the slime chased after Hugo. Lee Gun shook his head from side to side when he saw what happened.

'He's fast, but he completely lacks a sense of combat...'

Basically, Hugo had three problems: lack of power, extreme fear, and a terrible sense of battle.

He was basically a piece of trash who could run fast... No, he was an idiot.

On the other hand, the solutions to those problems were easy.

"Alright. From now on, I will build you as a strength-based archer.”

"Based on S-Power??"

"Yes. We just have to raise your power. That's why I want you to follow my strength training regimen. Also, I will forcefully instill in you the sense of battle."

"I understand. What about my last problem? Fear? How are you going to solve it?"

Lee Gun smiled brightly. "Yeah? That's the super easy part"

“E-Easy? Wait a moment. Why are you raising your fist?"

"Fear can be treated by introducing something frightening to override the original fear."

"What? What do you mean— Ahhhk??!!

There was the sound of his head opening.


Hugo vomited blood and collapsed. He was close to being a vegetable. "K... Kuh-huhk..."

“I will attack you without warning from time to time. You better be careful if you don't want to die. After we're done with your strength training today, you'll prepare dinner. Then you will do the laundry. Your skill training will begin tomorrow morning.”

“Kuh-hoo-uhp… I see… Ah. What should I do? Jaewon took all my money today, so I don't have enough to buy the ingredients for dinner. The bank is already closed, so…!”

Lee Gun was about to answer when…



An incredibly large number of food ingredients appeared nearby. It started with ten kilograms of prime beef. Then lamb, vegetables, fish, prosciutto, and even fresh frogs that were still jumping.

“What the hell? Who would do that…”

At that moment, Lee Gun saw her.

He saw Hailey walking by and pretended to be a bystander. She had her face buried in the newspaper.

Lee Gun cocked his head in confusion and shouted, “Hey! What is it about?"

Hailey was surprised when he called her. But she acted as if nothing was wrong and sat down on a nearby bench. She started flipping through the newspaper.

"I found them on the street! I had nowhere to get rid of them, so I left them here!”

Lee Gun tilted his head in confusion. "Food ingredients can be found on the streets?"

Well, it didn't matter, because this was good for them.



Suddenly there was a light from the sky as something fell towards him. It was a letter.

Specifically, letters appeared above the heads of Lee Gun, Hugo, and Hailey.

"What the hell is this?"

Lee Gun frowned when he saw the contents of the letter.

"Saint Libra...?"

* * *

Around that time…

[We did as you asked, Zodiac Saint-nim. We sent an invitation letter to all the saints of the Zodiac and they all agreed to attend the meeting.]

"Oh my! Really? That's great."

The zodiacal saint of the Libra temple was called Giselle Lawrence (27). Giselle was very happy when she heard the news about Lee Gun. "I am sure he will become the hope of mankind."

Giselle had seen the videos of Lee Gun's exploits many times. She let out a bright smile.

She was the daughter of a politician, and her family had been in politics for generations. So she was more interested in eradicating monsters than anyone else. Her heart bled as she watched governments powerless in the face of monsters.

"If we have Lee Gun-nim, we will be able to make humanity's impossible wish come true."

[That. We agree with your opinion. We will wholeheartedly support Lee Gun-nim.]

"Thank you!"

That's why she sent invitations to the other saints of the Zodiac.

Giselle was excited at the thought of meeting Lee Gun. However, something happened that day.


Giselle was surprised when she looked in the mirror. The reflection in her mirror did not match her own. It was laughing.

[That. You will.]

A monster flew out of the mirror.


That day, Giselle died at the hands of the monster. It was the day when the ruler of Nemar became the Saint of Libra.


Who is Hailey Orga return of disaster class hero? ›

Haily Orga is the Scorpius Saint and one of the Twelve Zodiac Saints. Hailey is also revealed to be the adoptive daughter of the Time Monarch, who sent her to initially be a spy of the Monsters against Humanity, but Hailey later chose to betray them and change sides to humanity.

Is return of disaster class hero worth reading? ›

Still, seeing it has so much potential as Solo Leveling, The Return of the Disaster Class Hero is definitely a worthy read, one that I highly recommend for everybody who wants an enjoyable, and full of adventures book.

What is the Korean name for the return of the disaster class hero? ›

Jaeanggeum Yeongungnimi Gwihwanhasyeotda (The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero) · AniList.


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