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Book 1, Epilogue 9 - First Love (4)

"What? He's thirteen?"

"His name is Lee Gun?"Visit ஆணர்யை𝑎𝒅. com

"Oh my god! The one we thought was missing or dead was catching monsters the whole time?"

"I thought the thirteenth wasn't an awakened being?"

"How can it not be? He killed those monsters in public! Look at the video!"

In the summer of 2001, the name "Lee Gun" spread around the world like wildfire.

Until now, the thirteenth was called a mutant and a one-time awakened being. However, things have changed.

- Lee Gun seems to be a real awakened being like us. His abilities are beyond doubt.

Leo Saint Stevens, who was known as the superman of the north, gave an interview that surprised the world. The world learned about Lee Gun's existence through him.

Stevens said,

- Thirteen of us will work for the whole of humanity. Please call us. It doesn't matter where you are. We will go there and help you.

- Stevens! Stevens!

- Please cheer for the new thirteenth apostle.

The other apostles began to show great interest in Lee Gun. While the twelve Zodiac Saints were independent, they were united in how they felt when looking at Lee Gun.

In fact, Cancer Saint Jean-Louise couldn't take his eyes off the TV even though he was very busy.

"He's thirteen? That's interesting."

It did not matter whether they were apostles, countries, or society in general; everyone was interested in Lee Gun.

However, one person found the apostle's interest in Lee Gun problematic. It was Hailey, and her reaction was understandable.

"Oh. He's really cool. His face is kind of scary, but he's brave."

Saint Gemini Heiji Gray (25) seems to have taken a liking to Lee Gun. Of course, more than half of the twelve Zodiac Saints were men, but none of them caught her eye.

Yang Wei was a pig who only loved money. Saint Cancer was a handsome and smart man. However, there was something creepy about him. Heiji found him awkward.

Hugo had a sweet face, but he was the weakest. He was like a paper doll.

Saints in the zodiac sign had strong men, such as Saint Taurus and Saint Leo. However, Heiji found the Bull Saint to be narrow-minded and the Leo Saint to be dominant.

In contrast, even though Lee Gun had a creepy face, she could overlook him because his face bore honor wounds. Above all, he was extremely skilled.

"How could I not fall in love with him when I witnessed how competent he can be?"

Heiji didn't care if the other person was a woman or a man. She loved someone strong. It didn't matter if the person had a strong heart, strength or knowledge.

When she saw Lee Gun, she became sure of it. He possessed the courage to act without hesitation and excellent judgment that allowed him to move in a way that minimized damage.

Lee Gun possessed the intelligence to spot a monster's weak point and was able to kill monsters using the least amount of power possible.

He even had knowledge of anatomy, which allowed him to butcher monsters in one hit! Moreover, he possessed a tremendous power that connected everything!

So, Heiji bought two drinks from the drink stand. Smiling amiably, she then approached him. “Your name is Lee Gun, right? Do you mind having a short chat with me? I have to ask you a question."

"Do you want to ask me something?"

Sparks flew out of someone's eyes when she saw it. It was Hailey, hiding by the drink stand.

Heiji handed the drink to Lee Gun. She was about to finish her drink when...


In the blink of an eye, Hailey flicked her finger. It was as if she was shooting something with her fingers.

At the same time, something small shot into Heija's drinking cup.


But Hailey hid herself well so no one noticed what she did.

As soon as Heiji finished his drink…


She clutched her stomach.

"Ah... M... My stomach...!"

The politicians and their bodyguards, who invited Heiji, reacted with surprise.

"Z-Zodiac Saint-nim!"

"T...We should hurry and get her to the hospital!"

In the end, Heiji was taken away by a black van.

Hailey's eyes flashed. She used the Scorpion Temple's royal skill, poison production, to create a medicine and slipped it into Heiji's drink.

With this skill, she could make a variety of potions, from a simple sleeping potion to a poison that could kill a monster with one drop. The skill allowed her to create any poison that existed in this world.

She created "Extra Special Laxative" for Heiji. It was only supposed to be used on monsters, and Heiji wouldn't be able to leave the toilet for about three days.

Anyway, Hailey got rid of Heiji. The next person was...!

Hailey's eyes are on her second target. Her gaze rested on Kevin.

Kevin stayed close to Lee Gun. Specifically, Kevin was hanging onto a huge Heaven's Punishment that Lee Gun was holding over his shoulder.

Anyway, Kevin looked like a koala. He liked Lee Gun so much that it seemed like a ghost possessed Lee Gun.

Lee Gun shook Heaven's Punishment in annoyance, but Kevin, like a koala, did not want to fall.

At the time, Kevin was 162 cm tall and thin. It really was a mouthful. Despite this build, Kevin was very strong. He was like an immovable rock if someone tried to push him away.

Eventually, Stevens couldn't watch it anymore. He came to unstick Kevin from Lee Gun. "Stop being a nuisance to him! I came for you! Let's go!"

Stevens had to use a significant amount of force to pull Kevin out. "Dammit! She's as small as a mouse, so why is she so strong? hey Get off the— Ahhhk!! That bitch bit me!!"

Stevens got angry when blood came out of Kevin's hand. “Hey, why the hell are you acting like a wolf? You're just a little girl!"

"Why the hell do you keep saying that, idiot?"


The angry wolf boy bit Stevens' arm again. "I'm not a girl!"


Stevens, like the other Zodiac Saints gathered there, were surprised. Hailey, who was hiding near the drink stand, blinked as well.

scoffed Stevens. "Are you playing with me? Why would a Virgo saint be a dude?"

These words infuriated Kevin. He came down with Heaven's Punishment and grabbed Stevens' hand. "If you don't believe me, you can check for yourself, muscle idiot!"

"??!" Stevens despaired when he felt something he didn't want to touch. "This is crazy!! Why do you have that between your legs?"


The others were also shocked.

"Why would the Virgin Saint be a man?"

"I-is such a thing possible?"

According to the Zodiacs, they chose the apostles based on how well the apostles got along with the Zodiacs.

Virgo was a cruel goddess who did not allow men to approach her. Men were forbidden to become disciples of the temple of the Virgin, so why???

At that moment Leo was talking to Stevens who was having a mental breakdown.

[If it's male, he's extremely happy! All the constructions of the temple of the Virgin are women!]

In fact, they were all beautiful, and they were also very capable. This is why the other gods coveted the constructions of the temple of the Virgin.

[He will be surrounded by goddesses. They will serve him.]

Hugo seemed to hear something similar from Sagittarius. His mouth fell open.

"He will be surrounded by smallpox..."

"He will be served..."

They were incredibly jealous of Kevin. However, this also led to questions. It was something they could not understand.

"Ahhh! Everyone can die! Both zodiacs and zodiac saints can die!”

“He was blessed. So why is he behaving like that?"

"I have no idea. If possible, I'd like to switch zodiac signs with him."

Kad se Hugo nadurio, i Sagittarius i Kevin su se naljutili.

“Blessed? Did you say I'm blessed?"


Kevin looked annoyed. He grabbed Hugo by the collar of his shirt, and you could feel the rush in his eyes.

"Do you know this?? Zodiacs are psychopaths. I was about to spend my first night as a man when a Virgo suddenly kidnapped me. She said I had to maintain my virginity for the rest of my life! In fact, she said I couldn't even hold hands with of the opposite sex!!! If I go against that rule, she'll make me die of a disease!"


“What's more, my gender changes if I use her abilities! So why did she choose me? She said my look was to her taste!” Kevin was about to spew fire from his mouth. "Die!!! Die Zodiacs!!"

Lee Gun, Hugo and Stevens finally figured out why Kevin turned out like this.

Hugo and Stevens were also chosen for some of the most trivial reasons.

'You looked the best in the crowd.'

'You look like you'd be the best at deboning fish.'

They felt a strange sense of kinship with Kevin. Kevin was still young, but he wouldn't even be able to hold the hand of a person of the opposite sex. They really felt sorry for him.

"Since it's a Virgo condition . . ."

Each of the apostles followed their own god and each of them had things they were forbidden to do. They would not want such a ban placed on them.

Lee Gun was hostile towards all the apostles, so he showed no signs of being soft on Kevin. Actually, Kevin tried to turn them all into fellow(?) eunuchs, so Lee Gun glared at him.

Of course, Kevin wasn't attacking him anymore, but he used to attack him. However…

"I'll cut him some slack."


In the end, Lee Gun turned away as if disinterested.

This made Stevens angry. “You tried to push me into the lava. Why not him?"

"He's actually a eunuch."


Stunned, Stevens turned to look at a hostile Kevin. "And you? Why leave him alone? You said you would make all the apostles like you!"

"It's okay. He's already like me. He looks like someone who will never get laid."

Lee Gun, who was indifferently walking away, suddenly stopped. Then he turned his head coldly. "What did you just say?"

"There's your face, but I can also tell you've never dated before."

Lee Gun felt a wave of anger. Kevin was right. However, Lee Gun was furious for some reason. “I am not someone who is forever alone! I have experience!!" Lee Gun pushed Kevin aside.

His statement surprised Hailey and Kevin, who had been pushed aside, looked stunned.

"You didn't? Really?” He said.

Hailey's ears pricked up when she realized Lee Gun might be talking about her ex.

Of course, Lee Gun was bluffing, but Kevin was too young to realize that. His mouth fell open. He developed respect for Lee Gun as a whole package.

"Hyung! I will serve you as my teacher!"

Another rival appeared for Hailey and Hugo.

* * *

A few days later, in Greece...

"Teacher, teacher, professor!!"

Lee Gun was traveling across the country to reach the coast, and he was frowning. The reason was Hugo chasing after him.

"Teacher— Kuh-huhk!"

"I told you not to show off in front of me. I said I would kill you if you did.”

"I...It's not what you think!" Hugo felt hurt. He wanted to resolve the misunderstanding between them.

But as soon as he got close to Lee Gun, the attack flew towards him.



The attack came from the height of a tree!

"That bastard...!" Hugo was surprised. The one sitting like a sloth on top of the tree was Kevin.

"Don't go near Hyung, you asshole."

"Wh... Why is he here... Ahhk!" Hugo was busy dodging attacks.

He was indeed in danger, but then...

"Come here!"


Someone hiding in the bushes pulled Hugo towards her.


It was none other than Hailey.

"That was dangerous."

Hugo was surprised.

“Why are you here Hailey-nim? I thought you were going north.”

"Why else? I…"

"Ah! Could it be? You were also chasing the Master..."

Those words surprised Hailey, and her face turned red. "No! It's not like that!"

At that moment, a young man appeared in front of Lee Gun. "Please buy this, Hyung."


His name was Lee Jaewon (16). In the distant future he would become the general of the Sagittarius Temple, but right now he was a fraud.


Who is Hailey Orga return of disaster class hero? ›

Haily Orga is the Scorpius Saint and one of the Twelve Zodiac Saints. Hailey is also revealed to be the adoptive daughter of the Time Monarch, who sent her to initially be a spy of the Monsters against Humanity, but Hailey later chose to betray them and change sides to humanity.

Is return of disaster class hero worth reading? ›

Still, seeing it has so much potential as Solo Leveling, The Return of the Disaster Class Hero is definitely a worthy read, one that I highly recommend for everybody who wants an enjoyable, and full of adventures book.

Is Return of the Disaster Class Hero a sequel? ›

The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero is a novel conceived and written as a prequel to Tomb Raider King.

What is the Korean name for the return of the disaster class hero? ›

Jaeanggeum Yeongungnimi Gwihwanhasyeotda (The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero) · AniList.

Who is the main protagonist in hero return? ›

Park Jung-Soo/Jeongsu Park serves as the main protagonist and also anti-hero of a Webtoon webcomic series called Hero has Returned/The Warrior Returns. A vengeful warrior who returns from another world that sought revenge on the person who took away the lives of his family.

Who is the Libra saint in disaster class hero? ›

To this end, Negligence decided to target the original Giselle Laurence, Zodiac Saint of Libra who possessed the most powerful innate talent among the humans of earth.

What is better than Solo Leveling? ›

The Legend of the Northern Blade is a thrilling story laced with sensational fights and abilities, much like Solo Leveling. The manhwa follows the story of Jin Mu-Won, alternatively known as Northern Blade, who inherits the title of generation Sect Leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect after his father's death.

What manhwa is similar to Solo Leveling? ›

Tomb Raider King

a series that is known to be very similar to Solo Leveling. With an almost exact concept, Tomb Raider King is the perfect manhwa to read in absence of Solo Leveling. And it's not only the plot that is similar, the art style seems to be exactly the same as Solo Leveling.

Does weak hero class 1 have a webtoon? ›

It is based on the popular Naver webtoon Weak Hero written by Seopass and illustrated by Kim Jin-seok (Razen), which was published in 2018, and is a prequel to the events of the series. The first three episodes premiered at the 27th Busan International Film Festival, which was held from October 5 to October 14, 2022.

Does Hero's Return have romance? ›

It's just all wham bam - and since the marriage happens earlier in the book than most romances you read of this era, the tilt of power and tension is very novel and exciting. It's almost a mystery novel wrapped inside a Regency romance. Very nicely done!

What is hero return anime real name? ›

Yingxiong Zai Lin (Hero Return) -

What is hero return anime on? ›

The Hero's Back | Watch on Funimation.

Is Shin Ae Ra full Korean? ›

Shin Ae-ra (born March 7, 1969) is a South Korean actress. She made her acting debut in 1989, and has since played leading roles in television dramas such as Love in Your Arms and Bad Housewife. She married actor Cha In-pyo in 1995, and the couple gained widespread approval and respect from the Korean public for being ...

Who is the big Korean hero? ›

18-year-old Kang Gyung-Joon's (Shin Won-Ho) spirit suddenly finds itself in the body of 30-year-old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo) . Seo-Yon-Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da-Ran (Lee Min-Jung). Gil Da-Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18-year old Kang Gyung-Joon.

Who is Samjae? ›

When combined with folk beliefs, they usually use the terms, such as "gods and devils" to mean either fortune or misfortune. The term "samjae" means three years of misfortune, based on zodiac birth signs. In the old days, people attributed samjae to the disasters of war, infectious disease and famine.

Who is the strongest character in hero return? ›

As noted by the Wizard who summoned him, Jeongsu had already become the strongest Spear Hero in her world's history and out of all the Hero's, Seongjun Lee deemed him have the most powerful potential and was the only one with the ability to become strong enough to defeat the Demon King Minsu Kim.

Who is the female villain in my hero? ›

Himiko Toga is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. She is affiliated with the League of Villains, and a member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. She is a suspect on the run for serial murders involving blood drainage.

Who is the red haired villain in my hero? ›

Kiruka Hasaki, also known as Slice, is one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Chimera & Mummy) of the 2019 Japanese superhero anime film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and its upcoming 2021 manga adaptation of the same name.

What is the return of the disaster-class hero novel fandom? ›

Welcome to The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero (재앙급 영웅님이 귀환하셨다) Fandom. It is a Web novel published by Breathe and a Webtoon of the same name published by Kakao and drawn by Redice Studio. Our wiki is a work in progress, so it is greatly appreciated if readers get involved by adding relevant and accurate content.

Was return of the disaster-class hero dropped? ›

Background. The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero has been published digitally in English by Tapas Media since July 17, 2022.

Is Weak Hero a good read? ›

I absolutely love Weak Hero. It blends some very engaging action with interesting and complex characters, all expressed through some quality art. It's an excellent series and I'm looking forward to reading it for a long time.

How many chapters does the hero returns have? ›

The Hero Returns (영웅, 회귀하다) is a Korean web novel written by B. Ain (흑아인). It was first serialized by Webnovel on July 11, 2019 and ended with 555 Chapters and 41 extra chapters (21 + 20). On March 28, 2022, a webtoon serialization was released on KakaoPage.


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