The best engine silencer plugin 2023 (2023)

If your noisy engine is driving you crazy, consider getting your engine treated before spending a fortune at a mechanic's shop. Liqui Moly Engine Flush is miles ahead of the competition as it cleans, lubricates and protects your engine, whether it's a petrol or diesel engine.

Top 4 best engine additivesWhy it's the bestEvaluation
Liqui Moly Pro-Line Engine FlushInexpensive, cleans, lubricates, protects, compatible with diesel and gas engines★★★★★
XADO oil additive for used enginesSpecially formulated to treat worn metal, it protects and extends the life of the vehicle★★★★★
Engine Leak Repair TreatmentSeals leaks, cleans, lubricates, protects★★★★★
Liqui Moly hydraulic lifter additiveCheap, cleans, lubricates, protects, ideal for older vehicles★★★★

The best additive for silent lifters and other engine components

Liqui Moly hydraulic lifter additive for silent knocking

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TheLiqui Moly hydraulic lifter additiveimproves lubrication in the oil, which can be a great way to calm engine problems caused by hydraulic lifters, such as knocking. The coordinated sliding of all components will allow you to drive smoothly for hundreds or even thousands of miles.

In addition, carbon builds up in the risers over time, which can cause them to block and fail. This additive works to clean dirt, keeping the lifters running smoothly.

Each 300 milliliter bottle of Liqui Moly additive renews 6 liters of engine oil. Certain engines may require more than one bottle of this product. Furthermore, the additive is compatible with all oils on the market.

The additive works with vehicles with turbochargers or catalytic converters.

Liqui Moly Pro-Line Engine Flush

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TheLiqui Moly engine flushcan be used in gasoline and diesel engines. Furthermore, it can be used in vehicles with catalytic converters.

To use it, simply add it to your engine oil before changing the oil. Let it settle with the engine running at idle for 10 minutes. Then drain the oil, change the filter and add more engine oil.

Engine flushing performs various functions. It is a detergent, so it cleans the sediment and accumulated residues. Furthermore, it prevents corrosion and improves the lubricity of the oil.

All these functions help to make the engine as quiet as possible optimizing its performance.

Bar's Leaks Engine Treatment for high mileage and older engines

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TheTretman motora Bar’s Leaksis an incredibly easy-to-use treatment for your vehicle. The only step is to add 1 bottle of oil to 4 to 6 liters of oil. It will then gradually remove debris and dirt from the valves, lifters and other components as you drive.

Because the formula is made for older vehicles with higher mileage, it can remove years worth of deposits from the engine. Sludge can make engines noisier by clogging components and blocking valves. This can, for example, cause noisy lifters.

This treatment is also great for preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for your car to start rattling, use the treatment right before each oil change. It can extend the life of the vehicle and keep the ride smooth and quiet.

Mobil 1 V-Twin synthetic motor oil for motorcycles

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TheMobil oil for motorcyclesis specially formulated for use in motorcycles. This oil can withstand the extreme heat produced by motorcycle engines, even in the middle of summer. I expected the specialized type of oil to be significantly more expensive than the conventional types, but this product is quite affordable.

This oil provides better lubrication and can extend the life of your motorcycle engine.

However, keep in mind that this oil will not be a magic solution to quieting the engine if you have already used an oil of the appropriate quality. You will probably only hear a significant difference if you have been using poor quality oil.

Repairing a leaking engine

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TheBar's Leaks engine repair treatmentperforms various functions. First and foremost, of course, is its ability to seal leaking oil.

It also cleans the inside of the engine. Accumulated dirt is usually responsible for a noisier engine, so cleaning your engine is a great way to make it quieter.

Furthermore, the treatment improves the lubricating ability of your oil, which helps prevent blocked components and failures. This can also reduce wear and tear, which extends the life of your vehicle.

However, this treatment may not be a long-term solution. To stop the leak completely, it may be necessary to replace the gaskets or make other repairs. If you still notice minor leaks after using this product, your car probably needs something more intensive to repair.

Rislone Nano Prime synthetic engine and oil additive

TheRislone Nano Prime oil additiveis an engine treatment that you add to your oil to get a host of benefits. Treats and protects metal from friction, which reduces wear and can extend the life of your engine.

Additional lubrication is also a good way to quiet a noisy engine.

It also cleans engine build-up, which can further reduce engine noise.

Each bottle of this product treats 4.5 to 7 liters of oil, so one bottle will be enough for the vast majority of engines.

Due to the added efficiency of additional lubrication, the treatment can also make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

XADO engine oil additive for worn metal surfaces

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TheXADO engine oil additivewas created to treat worn or rusted metal.

Metal can be worn in various ways; it could wear out due to exposure to harsh conditions or simply due to high mileage. Regardless of your situation, this metal conditioner works on trucks, SUVs and cars by putting a ceramic metal coating on your worn metal components.

The coating complements your existing metal and protects it from further damage in the future.

Rusted parts can increase friction and cause rattles and other noises, so scrap metal repair can be an effective way to quiet your vehicle.

To use this treatment, add it to oil. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes. It may take several hundred miles of driving before you notice the effects of this product. 1 bottle is enough for oil capacities up to 10 liters, which should be enough for almost all engines.

Be careful to apply this product in a warm environment or it can be lumpy and difficult to handle.

You will likely only see or hear the effects of XADO engine additives if your engine is significantly worn. If your vehicle is newer or well-maintained, you may want to look for another engine quieting product, as it may not do much.

Marvel Mystery Oil Tretman

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TheMarvel Mystery Oil Treatmentit is used to clean fuel injectors and carburetors, and generally helps keep the engine clean of deposits.

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It also keeps the oil quality intact by preventing oil breakdown in extreme conditions.

By improving lubrication and preventing valve sticking, this oil additive can make vehicles quieter.

The manufacturer recommends that you replace 20 percent of the oil with this additive. You should repeat this process after each oil change for best results.

The additive is compatible with almost all types of oil, from conventional to synthetic. It can be used in gasoline, diesel and ethanol blended engines.

Engine treatment with sea foam

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TheEngine treatment with sea foamis one of the most popular engine additives on the online market due to its affordability and functionality. It's a detergent, which means it cleans debris and other carbon impurities throughout the engine, including the valves and cylinders. You can also put it in the crankcase to clean the debris.

Another use is to put Sea Foam engine treatment directly into your fuel tank. This helps lubricate and clean the fuel system, which improves your vehicle's performance.

It not only cleans, but also provides lubrication to the upper cylinders, making your vehicle more efficient. This can make your vehicle quieter and give you better fuel economy.

Hot Shot's secret diesel fuel additive

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This oneAdd-on to Hot Shotis specially designed to work in all diesel engines. You should put a 16 ounce bottle of this product in your gas tank for 40 gallons of gas once every 6 months. The additive circulates through the entire fuel system, cleaning cylinders, lines and tanks.

The additive does more than just clean your fuel system. It also removes excess moisture and lubricates the fuel system. Lubrication is an excellent way to restore silent operation of noisy and rattling vehicle parts.

The treatment also contains cetane, which helps the fuel ignite under compression. This can make your diesel vehicle more efficient and can even give your vehicle better fuel efficiency.

Rislone engine oil additive with zinc for older engines

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TheSupplement to Rislone oilcontains zinc, which older engines need for proper operation. Recent regulations mean that engine oil with zinc is harder to come by, and modern vehicles generally do not require zinc because they use a rolling camshaft.

However,older engines wear more than the lift camshaft. Therefore, zinc is needed to bond with the existing metal and create a protective layer. Without zinc, your engine will wear out faster and can be noisier the more damaged it is.

The addition of Rislone adds zinc to your vehicle's oil without the need to replace the entire oil with zinc-containing oil. By using this additive, you can extend the life of your older, high-mileage car while also keeping it as quiet as possible.

Lucas Oil Heavy Duty stabilizator ulja

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TheLucas oil stabilizerit is suitable for use with any oil, from synthetic to conventional. It can also be used with newer and older engines.

It is a multipurpose additive. Lucas Oil Stabilizer is 100 percent petroleum, so rest assured that it will lubricate your engine better than oil alone. Reducing friction will also cause your engine to run cooler and prevent wear.

Of course, increased lubrication makes your engine as quiet as it can be. It can get rid of knocking, smoke and other problems caused by malfunctions and overheating.

Finally, it can increase oil pressure, making your vehicle perform better at higher speeds.

Manufacturer recommendsusing 1 quart of this product per gallon of motor oil. For high mileage and worn engines, they recommend triple the amount.

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BG MOA motor oil additive

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TheBG MOA motor oil additivecleans carbon deposits and other impurities from your engine that are the result of oxidation. Furthermore, the additive prevents thickening of the oil, which prevents the accumulation of deposits and slowing down of the engine.

The benefits are that this additive extends the life of your vehicle and can save you money on maintenance costs and service visits.

Considerations when buying additives

With how many types and varieties of engine additives are available online, it's worth taking the time to consider your vehicle's situation in order to get the best possible product.

diesel province gasoline

Diesel and gas engines are very different. As you may know, diesel engines do not have a spark plug to ignite the fuel, instead relying on compression to burn the fuel.

Furthermore, additives can contain different materials to address the unique problems of diesel and gasoline engines. For example, some diesel engine additives contain cetane, which helps the fuel burn under pressure.

The online diesel additive market is a bit smaller, but there is still a solid selection of options.The Hot Shot's Secret additive for diesel enginescleans and lubricates your engine. Cetane is also an ingredient, which is a great way to improve fuel efficiency.

Another choice for owners of diesel engines isLiqui Moly Pro-Line Engine Flush. It is one of the few good options that are suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines.

Older vs newer engines

The age of your vehicle and mileage are other key considerations when purchasing additives.

For newer cars, your focus will likely be on preventing wear and tear. In that case, all you need is a lubricant to keep things smooth and functional. TheEngine treatment with sea foamis a versatile, effective and inexpensive oil or fuel system additive for people who want to lubricate and protect their engines.

As the mileage of your vehicle increases, so do the number of problems. It is important to pinpoint the source of the problem (eg a noisy valve). Otherwise, you could be wasting money buying additives you didn't need.

For scrap metal,XADO oil additivetreats and protects the metal from further damage.

Some old high mileage engines are designed to need zinc in the oil. However, most modern oils do not contain zinc due to environmental regulations.

You can solve this by buying an additive that contains zinc, which binds to metal surfaces and protects them like a second coating. TheRislone engine oil additive with zincis a great way to introduce that ingredient into your engine.

Some older engines do not have particular problems, but they still need topping up. In that case,Bar's Leaks additive for older enginesis a great product that is a catch for everyone. Cleans, lubricates and protects your high mileage vehicle.

Problems unique to your vehicle

Some engine additives may sound like a cure-all. The manufacturers claim that they can solve all the problems of your car if you simply buy their product. As you might suspect, this is just marketing.

It is important to identify the source of your vehicle noise or other ailments. In older vehicles, you may hear a characteristic "knocking" sound caused by faulty hydraulic lifters.

Rattling and other noises can be caused by many things. Some common culprits include worn metal, carbon deposits and lack of lubrication. If you cannot identify which of these 3 causes, consider purchasing a multipurpose additive.

For example, look for one that is both a detergent and a lubricant. this will both clean your engine and make it run smoothly. There are quite a few products on the list above that perform various functions to help you quiet your engine.

However, if after driving a few hundred miles with your additive your engine is still making excessive noise, you may need to bite the bullet and go to a mechanic. Unfortunately, there are some problems that additives cannot solve.

Frequently asked questions about engine additives

What engine additive will make my vehicle the quietest?

The answer to this question depends on the problem with your engine. If your vehicle is older and you hear a distinct knocking sound, it could be due to a problem with your hydraulic lifters. TheLiqui Moly additive for hydraulic liftersit can silence your engine.

If your vehicle makes rattling noises or is simply noisy, it could be due to insufficient lubrication or worn metal. Sludge buildup is another culprit.

If you think your problem might be a lack of lubrication or a build-up of sediment,Rislone Nano Prime aditivis a multipurpose solution that could alleviate these problems, making your engine quiet again.

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If you suspect that your metal is corroded or worn, this XADO oil additive will help restore your engine's metal.

What causes engine knocking and how can I stop it?

Many engine problems can cause knocking. For older engines, there may be a stuck lifter problem. The valves control the valves that direct the air intake, so if one isn't working, it can cause a whole host of problems.

liquid molyproduces an additive that aims to solve this common problem in older engines.

For newer engines, youmay have a faulty spark plug. Obviously, oil additive cannot fix this problem, so you will need to take your vehicle to a mechanic to fix it.

Carbon sludge deposits can also cause this particular sound. Fortunately, additives can help with this problem. most of the additives on this list contain detergents that will clean your cylinders of debris, making your car a lot less noisy.

Which additive is best for noisy lifters?

Before you start talking about additives, make sure you maintain a basic standard of care for your vehicle. Regular oil and oil filter changes will be your best bet to keep lifters from making noise.

if your vehicle is well maintained and the lifters are still too loud, consider an additive. Liqui Moly makes an additive specifically for hydraulic lifter care, so you should consider this product.

However, any reputable additive that cleans, lubricates and protects your engine will also treat your noisy lifters. I recommendBar's Leaks engine repair treatment, as it provides all the benefits you would expect from an engine treatment.

You may have to drive several hundred miles before you see the full effect of the engine additive. This is because it needs to circulate through your engine

Keep in mind that a treatment or additive can only do so much for your lifters. It is possible to hear excessive noise even after changing oil and oil filters and using additives. If you're still experiencing annoying noises after trying all of these steps, your next best step is to contact a mechanic.

Do I need thicker or synthetic oil?

Instead of using additives, you may be wondering if it's worth switching oil brands altogether. The answer is that it depends.

The truth is that synthetic oil is generally better than conventional dinosaur oil. It does not disintegrate even under extreme conditions and is less likely to clump. Because synthetic oil does not form deposits like organic oil, it makes engines quieter.

However, it is usually expensive compared to organic oil, so you have to decide if the benefits are worth the cost.

As a general rule, follow the recommendations listed in your owner's manual. For newer engines, synthetic oil is more likely to be recommended. Older engines generally do not benefit from synthetic oils, and in fact they can be harmful to your engine. This is because synthetics do not contain ingredients that your older car may need, such as zinc.

One of the advantages of synthetic oil is that it flows much better in winter than conventional oil. You may want to switch to synthetic oil, even if it's just to get you through the coldest winter months. At the opposite end of the spectrum, synthetics also perform well during the hot summer months.

Check the manual again for oil viscosity. The manufacturer will recommend the oil viscosity that best suits your vehicle.

You may want to change the oil if you live in a region with harsh winters. For example, you canswitch to 5W oil when cold, which will keep your engine running despite the cold weather.

In general, however,modern oil adapts well to changing temperatures. As such, switching to a thicker or thinner oil is probably not necessary for those who don't live in extreme climates, as it won't make much of a difference.

Final word

Scrolling through the endless amount of engine additives and treatments available online can seem like an overwhelming amount of information. You may even wonder if the additives do anything useful or if they are just scams and marketing.

Like many things, engine additives fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. They won't be a panacea for your entire vehicle, but they aren't snake oil either. Additives can really reduce your engine noise if your engine has problems that they can fix.

Oil accumulation, wear and friction are problems that additives can solve. If you think you have at least one of these problems, consider an additive to see if it will help solve these problems and thereby make your vehicle quieter.

For oil build-up and carbon deposits, any additive that is detergent (ie has cleaning ability) will remove the pesky residue. Almost all of the products on this list have cleaning capabilities, but read the description again to make sure you're buying a product that's actually a detergent.

For metal wear, look for an additive that promises to treat and protect the metal. This oneadditive product of the company XADOwill help solve problems caused by worn metal.

If you have an old engine, your wear and tear may be caused by a lack of zinc in your oil, as modern oil generally does not contain zinc.Risloneforms an additive to your oil that contains zinc, which binds to the metal and protects it from further damage. However, zinc can be an environmental pollutant and a hazard, so make sure it's safe to use in your area and use it with caution.

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Finally, if your noisy engine problems are caused by a lack of lubrication, then you're in luck. Almost all engine additives add lubrication to your engine. TheLucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizeris a great, cheap lubricant without any problems, because it is only pure oil.


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