The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (2023)

These are the first three AoS lists for the Woehammer AoS GT held in the UK on May 13th and 14th. It featured 30 players competing for the championship title in a 5-game tournament.

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The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (1)

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Top three AoS lists

The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (2)

faction of the army: Soulblight Gravelords
Army Type: Blood Legion
– Grand strategy: Lust for dominance

A vampire lord on a zombie dragon(440)
In general
– Command Traits: Doomed minions
- Death Eater
– Artifacts of Power: Cloak of Mist and Shadow
– Spells: flame weapon
Lord of the Vampires on Zombie Dragalready(440)
– Spells: Spirit Gale
Spells: Prison of Sorrow

Deadly skeletons(85)*
Deadly skeletons(85)*
Deadly skeletons(85)*

Blood knights(460)*
– Templar spear
– 2 x standard bearers

*Battle regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 1985/2000

The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (3)

Christian had a great run of games and was able to pull off some big raids with his Zombie Dragons against Owen Jackson’s Kharadron army (2 12″ raids!). Christian has kindly given us a brief synopsis of his list below.

Christian Moore:There is very little subtlety to the list, you have one ethereal dragon and then make Nefert or another dragon or blood knights ethereal depending on the situation, it mostly moves as one castle that stays inside it -1 to hit aura. Use her redeployment early with her and your 3 key units so you can see the opponent's layout regardless of drops.

Skeletons mark the objectives and then it's just a high pressure list that pins people back and deals a lot of damage while being a super tank.


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The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (4)

faction of the army: Sylvaneth
Sub-faction: Oakenbrow
– Grand strategy: Take what's theirs
– Triumph: Inspired
– Seasons of War: The Dwindling

Treelord Ancient(330)
Spells: Regrowth, Green Blessing
Northern Hamadretha(320)*
Spells: Dwellers Below, Green Blessing
Warsong Revenant(300)*
In general
– Command Traits: Spellsinger
– Artifacts of Power: Vesperal Jewel
– Spells: Tree Song, Green Blessing
– Champion Aspects: Fueled by Ghurish's Rage
Realm Magic: Wild Form (Ghur)
Duh Durthua(350)**
Artifacts of Power: Greenwood Gladius

Lord of the trees(230)**
Lord of the trees(230)**

1 x Spiteswarm Hive(40)

*Commanding entourage – magnificent
**Battle regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 2000/2000

The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (5)

Daniel had a great weekend, which included the scalps of Marc Brookes Skaven and Tom Bell's Big Waaagh. I'll let him describe his list to you…

Daniel Scott:Big trees teleport around! what's not to love. Oakenbrow makes it so that until they are on their last wound any of the treelords or spirit Durthu left will not get bracketed which is great for spirit Durthu keeping his sword at 6 damage effectively the entire time!. The ancient tree lords ability to pop a tree anywhere on the board combined with all the tree monsters has a teleport on the war scroll and our war song returner has a spellsinger that allows him to cast through the awakened wild forest in the same way as a spell portal but he can don't cast endless spells through them now. The warsong returner also has a vesperal gem that allows him to cast treesong through a forest that can't be untied and will increase the rift of your units in melee attacks when they are near that tree it's good to make a durthu rend 3 or turn Drychas attacks into a rend 2/3. . Drycha is a 10 wound monster that can fire a lot of 1 dmg 1 rend shots that can hit mortals on 6s, my favorite is to combo her with a tree lord or two so she can unleash hell and then the tree lord can one of the units that were the last to go into battle. Dryads are there to either screen if needed or teleport to a better position for you. The Spiteswarm Hive is great when you don't roll a 1, of course! giving you +3 to move and charge or making incoming attacks worse on a unit, great for offense or defense.

Overall the list is pretty durable and has access to some healing spell wise or near the forest/overgrown feature, all the big guys are on 3+ saves, no ward saves, with this army you can position yourself better to counter this and hopefully you only have fights that you want to hide from shooting if necessary. Thanks to the maneuverability of the army, battle tactics are usually simple to get a great first move, one if you go first (which usually happens due to high drops) is to complete the charge after using walk the ghost paths, a polished durthu can get +5 to his charge which means that you just need to hit something 4 and then teleport so he can receive the buffs again next turn. Overall, the list is a lot of fun to play and really gives your opponents headaches in terms of setup and play!


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The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (6)

Fidelity: Sylvaneth
– Glade: Oakenbrow
– Mortal Kingdom: Ghur
– Great strategy: The day is ours!
– Triumphs: Inspired

Duh Durthua(350)
Artefakt: Greenwood Gladius
Warsong Revenant(300)*
In general
– Command Trait: Spellsinger
– Lore of the Deepwood: Treesong
– Champion Aspect: Fueled by Ghurish's Rage
Treelord Ancient(330)*
Deep Forest Knowledge: Regrowth
Mortal Realm: Ghur
- Allies

Lord of the trees(230)*
Lord of the trees(230)*
Lord of the trees(230)*

5 x Skaeth's Wild Hunt(110)*
Spell1: Lore of the Deep Forest: Regrowth

Endless spells and invocations
Chronomantic gears(70)
Spiteswarm Hive(40)

Basic battalions
*Battle regiment

In total: 1990 / 2000
Reinforced units: 0 / 4
Allies: 100 / 400
Rane: 87
Coverage: 2

The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (7)

Yes, another Oakenbrow list! But both are slightly different from each other. Ash was on the verge of becoming the champion, only to lose to Christian's Soulblight.

Ash Coleman:I played Oakenbrow, which made my tree lord battleline. Oakenbrow's other main advantage is that it allows Treelord, Treelord Anicent, and Durthu to fight in the top bracket unless they have 1 wound left, but even then, you drop 1 bracket.

I also continued with the growing season of war. This allowed my units to have ward 6+ unless they did a charge. It was hard to decide between this and the dwindling cast, but having cogs on the roster allows me to essentially have both.

The idea of ​​the list is to make Durthu as reliable as possible because he will be doing all the heavy lifting. The main combo gives Durth +5 to charge from the spiteswarm hive and battle mage. Skaeth's Wild Hunt is listed for a +1 early spell. So with an AOA or titanic duel, Durthu can be 2s and 2s. Ancient Lord of the Trees has the ability to summon a Wyldwood anywhere on the board once per game. This allows Durth to get where he needs to go, but also allows Warsong to cast Treesong, which is a +1 to tear spell. Warsong can counter Wyldoods spells with the Spellsinger command trait. All of this combined with the Greenwood Gladius artifact for additional D3 attacks makes Durtha a real threat.

All tree lords can teleport in the movement phase. These are the units that go out and capture objectives as Durthu wreaks havoc. With a 3+ save and a 6+ ward, I can tank a lot. They also have a monster reaction that attacks last, so even if they charge you, you'll have a chance to hit them first. They also have the great ability that when you hit an enemy with any of their attacks in combat, they cannot stack. This is great for marking the ends of units. The main problem with tree lords is that they are not elite, so they cannot issue orders to themselves. So I would usually send an anicenta tree lord with one of them to give an AOA, AOD or reroll charge if needed.

(Video) New Battletome Thoughts - Soulblight Gravelords (Legion of Night & Kastalai focused)

Song of War has a great war scroll spell that can deal AOE mortal wounds to enemy units with 9″ on Wyldwood. He's great for finishing off units, clearing screens, and killing enemy GCs, and with the Spellsinger command trait I mentioned earlier, he can do this from the other side of the board.


The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (8)

Military Faction:Their noses are war clans
Army Type: Ironjawz
– Subfaction: Ironsunz
– Grand Strategy: Waaagh!
– Triumph: Bloodthirsty

Megaboss of Maw-krushi(480)*
In general
– Command Traits: Clumsy beast
– Boss Choppa i Rip-toof Fist
– Artifacts of Power: Arcane Tome
– Horse characteristics: means 'Un
Orruk Warchanter(120)*
– Champion Aspects: Tunnel Master
– Warbeats: Get ’Em Beat
Orruk Warchanter(120)*
Warbeats: Fixin’ Beat

Their noses are Ardboy's(80)*
Gorkamorka Glyph Bearer
- Wow! Drummer
– Ardboy Boss
– 2 x Orruk forged shield
Their noses are Brutes(150)*
Rude boss
– Gore-choppa
– Brute Choppa
– Boss Choppa
Their noses are Brutes(150)*
Rude boss
– Gore-choppa
– Serrated Gore hoe
– Boss Klaw & Brute Smasha

Rogue Idol(430)
Rogue Idol(430)*

1 x Prismatic Palisade(30)

*Battle regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 1990/2000

The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (9)

Both Declan and I as Orruk players followed Joshua's results all weekend. With the FAQ that was released a few days before that basically killed Rogue Idol, we knew this would be their last hurrah…

Since this is the last hurray for the Idols (unknowingly), I had a great time smashing and punching and getting smashed and beaten. An army list with a Maw-Krush, 2 Rogue Idols, 2 Warchanters, 2 Brute units and some Ard'boyz is surprisingly fast as it drops by 2. I'm hoping for a chance to be first, With powerful destroyers and good games, it hits hard, especially with Idols being violently enraged by Warchanters and a cheeky 3D6” charge from get em beat, a turn 1 charge can seal the deal either way.

(Video) New Battletome Thoughts - Ossiarch Bonereapers

My first opponent was TreeMan leaf, who hid in his trees on the back edge, I managed to do some damage but not enough, then I came out maneuvered and dismantled.

My other opponent was Slaanesh, I got turn one priority and my opponent cheekily put The Masque 3” from my army preventing powerful destroyers but allowing turn 1 “This one is mine”. It was a game of trying not to get kicked off the board, which my idols failed, but Krusha survived and went for a big birdie, but failed due to the ability of one attack on a big birdie, it was a close game, but still a loss.

My third game was a Be’ Lakor list with Nurgle Knights, Slaanesh Chosen, Khorne Varanguard and a bridge. He won first priority and did what I would have intended to do if I had won. He met me on my lines and a slogan fest ensued with an Idol sitting in a row or two (thanks Be’Lakor). I won the slogan fest, but not the mission.

My fourth game was against another Rob, this time with a few battlecarts, but still Nurgle Knights and 2 units of Khorne Varanguard. The Idols and Krusha this time separated The Slaves while the brutes and ard'boyz won me the points.

The last game was against some ghosts who enjoyed a few moves of not dying to Idols and eating Krusha.

Five great matches against five beautiful opponents with beautiful armies.

Idols are now on 160MM bases and have been repurposed for the three Krush roster. It is sad to see the Idols gone as they are a unit with a wonderful character. I was happy to win best faction (yes for the default medal) and amazed to be nominated for best painted, I would just like to thank everyone who helped organize and run the event, me and my mate, who I traveled up with both of us had a wonderful time , great laughter and pleasant games.

Goodbye Rogue Idols.


Final placement in the tournament

The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (10)
The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (11)
The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (12)
The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (13)
The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (14)
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The top three AoS lists for Woehammer AoS GT (15)



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