Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (2023)

As much as we love talking about Japanese anime and manga here at Weeb's Life, we also love to highlight stories that add a different kind of flair. Come inMorningAndDonghua.

These two terms refer to comics and animation, respectively, which originated in China, but now encompass all anime-inspired media from East Asia.

We've already covered thatTop 10 Manhwa Series That Needs AdaptationAndTop 10 Chinese Anime with Stunning Main Character, so let's narrow the field a bit and talk about Manhwa, specifically the hit webcomic Solo Leveling.

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (1)

When a mysterious portal opens to dungeons full of monsters, certain people are given superhuman abilities to clear the dungeons.

your name is" Hunter ".Sung Jin-Woo is the lowest ranked hunter who is constantly injured and unable to increase his rank due to his financial problems.

During a low-tier dungeon mission, he and a group of hunters are almost wiped out by a surprise high-level boss. Jin-Woo agrees to stay behind to give the others a chance to escape and sacrifices himself.

Three days later, he wakes up in a hospital with floating displays only he can see. From then on, his life becomes a living video game.

He must complete daily quests and level up or suffer the penalty. Having died once, he will not allow that to happen again.

Table of contents

  • 10. Tower of God
  • 9. The King's Avatar
  • 8. The strongest florist
  • 7. Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • 6. Dungeon and Artifacts
  • 5. Back to the players
  • 4. Infinite Leveling: We die
  • 3. CUBE
  • 2. Zero Game
  • 1. The player

10. Tower of God

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (2)

The tower' exists to fulfill your deepest desires. Only the strong who reach the top can fulfill their desires. Bam has always lived under the tower with his only friend Rachel.

One day Rachel enters the Tower and leaves Bam behind. Devastated, Bam alone opens the doors to the tower and begins the arduous climb to the top.

Underdog protagonist struggling to improve her shortcomings in a dangerous mysterious dungeon and competing with others to clear it, check.

God's towergives you a familiar sense of development and progress. Both Jin-Woo and Bam start with nothing, but they have a strong will to achieve their goals no matter what.

God's towerplaces more emphasis on teamwork and world building with trials and battles to test characters' wit and skills. It's more of an ensemble story thanSolo leveling, but both are great journeys to follow.

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9. The King's Avatar

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (3)

Ye Xiu used to be the top player of MMORPG Glory. Hailed as the "Battle God," he consistently led his professional esports team to victory.

Suddenly he has to retire as the team finds a new leader. Unable to give up his passion, he finds a job at an internet cafe and logs in just in time for the tenth expansion of Glory.

With a new name and new characters, Ye Xiu restarts his rise. For aMorningthat delves deep into its video game environment, look no further.

Jin-Woo may have a real-world stat sheet to manage that plays out like an RPG, but Ye Xiu is actually playing an RPG that comes with its own set of challenges.

Aside from being a high-level player starting from scratch, no one seems to know his true identity, so there's plenty of room for surprises and situational comedy

8. The strongest florist

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (4)

What's a man to do when he's gaining weight for days, is built like a truck, makes scary faces, and has an unfulfilled love of flowers? Hop into the virtual world and, of course, open a flower shop.

Jaeho was trained to be the ultimate MMA fighter from a young age, but he'd rather be a florist instead. His friend introduces him to New World, a VR game where you can do anything.

This is how Jaeho's new life begins. TheMorningis definitely more on the comedic side. The video game characteristics are there, but that's where the similarities end.

The strongest floristis fully committed to its premise and milks the comedy with all it's worth. WhereasSolo levelingwill give you a grim fight-for-your-life storyThe strongest floristwill give you crazy escapist fantasy storyline.

7. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (5)

Ethan is #1 on Lucid Adventure and he's not afraid to rub it in people's faces. He's absolutely charged, in real life and in game, so he thinks he's superior to everyone else.

One day, during a mission, he is ambushed by a group of players. He takes them out easily enough, but a mysterious player deals a fatal blow, forcing Ethan to start over at level 1.

Jin-Woo and Ethan couldn't be more different, but the conversation comes from seeing how they deal with similar situations.

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Ethan is, to put it mildly, pathetic. After being at the top for so long, he's finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

There's a lot of room for growth beyond the video game mechanics, and the story keeps you both hookedHardcore Leveling WarriorAndSolo leveling.

6. Dungeon and Artifacts

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (6)

Stetch is an A-rank explorer known for his ability to avoid traps and navigate deadly dungeons. At the heart of these dungeons reside powerful magical artifacts.

On an expedition into the kingdom's oldest dungeon, Stetch is tricked by the third prince into donning a cursed ring artifact. The prince escapes the collapsing dungeon, leaving Stetch to die.

Except that the ring revives him and promises to use his whole host of powerful abilities to help Stetch get revenge.

This revenge story is pretty simple in comparisonSolo leveling, but the interactions between Stetch and the ring are fun, and the morally ambiguous promise of revenge is a compelling continuous line.

TheMorningtakes video game mechanics as truth in this world. It's easy to understand while leaving enough room for future world-building.

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5. Back to the players

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (7)

Ten years ago, the gods above decided to turn the world of humans into a game where players, the humans, would fight for their lives. In the end there was only one person left, Sehan.

As the first and only player to complete the game, he was granted the opportunity to purchase a second run.

With the knowledge of ten years of hardship and experience, Sehan reboots to bring this godforsaken game to a happy ending

As well asSolo leveling, TheMorningtakes the video game aesthetic and runs with it. The setup is intriguing, the rationale is clear, and it's a different kind of grow from nothing story with really tangible stakes.

It also has a darker, grittier style that doesn't shy away from showing violence. If you would likeSolo leveling, I guarantee you will like itBack to the players, to.

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4. Infinite Leveling: We die

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (8)

Yuseong Dan was to lead his unit and protect the Murim from an enemy attack. However, he was nothing more than bait for the higher-ups to escape.

Filled with contempt and regret, he is killed on the battlefield. Suddenly, on the day of the military academy entrance exam, he wakes up in his childhood room with a strange text screen floating in front of him.

Somehow, Dan has been sent back in time and he's determined to use the missions the screen gives him to change the course of his life. The premise is nothing new, but the added flair comes from the Old Korean setting.

The game mechanics and mission-based progression are still there, but a lot of effort goes into making this world feel real.

There's the added mystery of how and why Dan was sent back, and how Jin-Woo fromSolo leveling, Dan has a lot to do.


Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (9)

What if you could change every aspect of your life just by rolling a dice? That was the question Dongtae was asked.

All his life he had been bullied, exploited and ignored. It doesn't help when a mysterious transfer student starts flirting with Dongtae's crush.

However, he soon learns that this exchange student is not who he says he is and that a mysterious being named X helped him.

When Dongtae picks up a mysterious blue dice, he enters a real game where rolling the dice can change everything. DICE focuses on the underdog story with a very interesting set of rules.

There is a similar thread tooSolo levelingwhere everyday tasks can bring you tremendous benefits, but the chance inherent in rolling the dice adds a wrinkle that increases the excitement.

It's pretty seriousMorningrooted in heightened reality with a touch of video game logic.

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2. Zero Game

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (10)

Hanna Yoo lost her parents at a young age and since then her life has been hell on earth. Her classmates bully her endlessly and even her guardians tell her to move out.

Just when she thinks she would be better off dead, she gets an email from her father. It offers a chance to remake her life as she participates in a survival game.

With nowhere else to go, Hanna accepts and signs up for the game. She will soon find out that wanting to die and facing death are two very different things.

That from the beginningMorningsets its main character and circumstances so you know immediately what you're getting into.

This is another experience-your-life story, but differentSolo levelingwhich is more focused on using new skills to reshape life,

zero gameappears to be a more introspective journey as Hanna finds the will to survive. There's also a bit of handsome boy flair if that's your thing.

1. The player

Top 10 Manhwa/Manhua Similar to Solo Leveling (11)

Jihan Han was just an average high school student until he suddenly started seeing the world as a video game. Literally.

He could see people's levels, he gained experience points, and his stats increased based on his actions. He had no idea where this power came from or why he of all people had it.

Until he sees other people like him fighting with strange powers. Turning life into a video game might not be as cool as it sounds. Of all the Manhwa on this list,

The gameRis most similar to solo leveling. The premises are almost one-to-one, and the video mechanics behave practically the same.

The player, but has a much more tongue-in-cheek comedy style. It feels lighter and the stakes don't seem as severe asSolo leveling.

It's an entertaining read and treads similar ground for fans of the real-world video game environment.

And that's it for 10 Manhwa LikesSolo leveling.Manga, and comics in general, will never cease to amaze me with the sheer number of variations on the same premise.

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The aesthetics of video games and the settings of survival games are nothing new, but they are flexible enough to interpret and so accessible that anyone can immediately understand the context of the story.

So what's your favoriteMorning?Have you ever heard of those on this list? What do you think of the real-life video game execution?

As always, have fun, stay healthy and make your WEEB ON!


Who is the strongest Hunter manhua? ›

With the anime adaptation in progress, anime fans can check out the manhwa for a thrilling experience.
Solo Leveling: 15 Most Powerful Hunters In The Series, Ranked By Strength
  1. 1 Sung Jin Woo.
  2. 2 Sung Il Hwan. ...
  3. 3 Thomas Andre. ...
  4. 4 Liu Zhigang. ...
  5. 5 Christopher Reed. ...
  6. 6 Go Gun Hee. ...
  7. 7 Jonas. ...
  8. 8 Lennart Niermann. ...
Oct 10, 2022

Why Solo Leveling ended suddenly? ›

Solo Leveling Ending Explained

The message from rulers states that Shadow Monarch's great power could impact everything. According to them, a world without Mana is way too weak to handle Jin-Woo's powers. Also, now that every problem in this world has been solved, there's no reason for Jin-Woo to stay here.

Is Solo Leveling getting an anime? ›

Solo Leveling is finally getting an anime and will be helmed by some pretty big names in the industry. At this year's Anime Expo, popular webtoon Solo Leveling was announced to receive an anime adaptation.

Can Hisoka beat ging? ›

He's extremely strong, which is evident from the fact that Netero considered him to be one of the top 5 Nen users alive during the Chimera Ant arc. Ging's true abilities aren't known right now, but he's still powerful enough to defeat Hisoka, from what we've been told.

Who is the number 1 Nen user in HXH? ›

1) King Meruem

Meruem is the strongest Nen user in Hunter X Hunter. He was the result of the Chimera Ants' unique and over-powered trait, phagogenesis, which is reproducing through consuming other organisms. The Chimera Ant Queen consumed various powerful Nen users while pregnant with Meruem. Meruem is a specialist.

Does Sung Jin Woo have a child? ›

Sung Suho is the son of the Sung Jinwoo and Cha Hae-In.

Who is the final boss in Solo Leveling? ›

Antares (Korean: 안타레스; RR: Anteoreseu) was the King of Dragons and the Monarch of Destruction. He was also the strongest Monarch and the final antagonist of Solo Leveling.

Who is Sung Jin Woo love interest? ›

The story never failed to excite with breathtaking scenes of him entering dungeons to fight various monsters, gaining weapons and slowly building up a formidable army of shadows. It was everything fans could ask for -- and then it introduced a romantic relationship between Jinwoo and an S-Rank Hunter named Cha Hae-In.

What anime did a 1 pictures make? ›

Three anime series were produced that year for the project: Sound of the Sky, Night Raid 1931 and Occult Academy.

Is Solo Leveling getting Japanese? ›

This Japanese adaptation of “Solo Leveling” takes place in Tokyo, not Seoul. Instead of focusing on Korean protagonist Sung Jin-woo, readers follow the story of a Japanese man named Shun Mizushino.

Is Solo Leveling getting an K drama? ›

Popular Korean Webtoon "Solo Leveling" Is Finally Getting An Anime Adaptation - Kpopmap. Discover Kpop, Kdrama Stories that will excite you. Do you want to publish your story?

Who is stronger Ging or Zoldyck? ›

Although most of his abilities remain a mystery to the fans, Ging being stronger than Silva wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Ging is respected by every Hunter who has ever heard his name, and as such, he could easily be on a level above Silva Zoldyck.

Can Kurapika beat Gon? ›

Kurapika is slightly stronger than Gon, with the potential of getting even stronger over time.

Who is 2nd strongest in HXH? ›

15 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters
  1. 1 Meruem Is The Most Powerful Character, Hands Down.
  2. 2 Isaac Netero Is The Most Powerful Hunter & Nen User. ...
  3. 3 Adult Gon Freecss Is A Force To Be Reckoned With. ...
  4. 4 Neferpitou Instills Fear In The Strongest Hunters. ...
  5. 5 Menthuthuyoupi (Youpi) Is A Human-Chimera Ant Hybrid. ...
Jul 6, 2021

Who has the most potential HXH? ›

Killua is a member of the Zoldyck family, a group of assassins, and among their ranks, he holds the highest potential. From a very young age, Killua was able to show his genius without even trying.

Who is strongest villain in HXH? ›

Meruem. Meruem is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant arc, the king of the ants, and by far the most powerful character in the series. Were it not for Netero, Meruem would likely have taken over the world. Not only is Meruem the strongest villain in Hunter X Hunter, but his story is one of the best in the series.

Can Ging beat Chrollo? ›

According to the story, Gon was comparable to Meruem himself in his adult form, meaning he was much stronger than someone like Chrollo. Of course, Gon can't use this form again, but Chrollo wouldn't stand a chance if he did.

What's the strongest Nen type? ›

Enhancement, one of the six types of Nen, is the strongest of all when it comes to physical strength and power. Wielded by quite a lot of characters, the Enhancement type of Nen allows the user to boost one or more of their attributes significantly, and develop powerful techniques based on the strength it offers.

Who killed Meruem? ›

Meruem didn't live long after being born. While he was out and about gathering his Royal Guards and setting out to create the world he wanted, Netero and the others who infiltrated NGL met him in battle. After Meruem finished his fight against Netero, he ended up getting poisoned and died subsequently.

What to read now that Solo Leveling is done? ›

If you're looking for a new manhwa to read after Solo Leveling, why not try the manhwa that Redice studio has started serializing in replace of Solo Leveling. This new series is a great read and definitely something to think about picking up. It has comedy, action, and a powerful main character ready for revenge.

Which is better Solo Leveling light novel or manhwa? ›

if you want good story, read novel. if you want good graphic, read manga. anime is beyond that. They both have their pros and cons, from a strictly narrative/plot perspective, the novel tells a more detailed story.

Is Solo Leveling getting an manhwa? ›

The rumor surfaced online as Solo Leveling prepares for its 2023 comeback. Ahead of its anime debut, reports suggest Redice Studio, a company created by Dubu, will release a side story for the manhwa. The release will be done in honor of Dubu, and so far, that is all we know about the alleged project.

Is Solo Leveling manhwa almost finished? ›

Well the answer to that question is a big Yes. The manhwa ended up skipping most of the romantic devlopment and completely skipped the epilogue arc which consists of 26 or 27 side stories. It's sad but it is what it is. I hope that if we ever get an anime adaptation it would adapt the novel and not the manhwa.

Who does Sung Jin Woo end up with? ›

The story never failed to excite with breathtaking scenes of him entering dungeons to fight various monsters, gaining weapons and slowly building up a formidable army of shadows. It was everything fans could ask for -- and then it introduced a romantic relationship between Jinwoo and an S-Rank Hunter named Cha Hae-In.

Which genre is Solo Leveling? ›

Now, if you have never read Solo Leveling, you are probably wondering what it's all about. It's an epic fantasy where everyday people turn into extraordinary heroes to fight and hunt monsters. If you have ever played the video game Diablo, it's somewhat similar to that storyline.

What is the best manhwa of all time? ›

As expected, Solo Leveling is the all-time favorite manhwa of fans as the series has a record 334,977 user votes on the MyAnimeList. Another, notable mention in the list is the popular manhwa series Tower of God written & illustrated by S.I.U.

Who is the greatest fragment of brilliant light? ›

Ashborn (아스본) was the King of the Dead and the Monarch of Shadows. He was also the strongest Ruler and the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light.

How many Solo Leveling fans are there? ›

Solo Leveling is one of the top-rated manhwa series overall, and it has a large community to boot. The series has at least 2.4 million readers on their Korean site alone. In the end, this means that fans will find a lot of fellow fans to enjoy the series with.

What happens after Solo Leveling 179? ›

Solo Leveling 179 and the series itself ends in front of that ice-cream shop, where Jin-Woo calls out to and meets the younger version of Hae-In, keeping the promise he had made to her in the previous timeline.


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