Trevor Milton appealed, citing downtown press interviews Mulled with Juror May sentencing (2023)

Trevor Milton appealed, citing interviews with the downtown press with juror May, who convicted Mulled

review,Patreon Maxwell-Buch Schulte's book

with exclusive interviews by Matthew Russell Lee

Courthouse SDNY, January 11 –In September and October 2022, Trevor Milton, founder of Nikola Motor, was tried for fraudulent claims about NKLA hydrogen trucks.

On Friday, October 14, Milton was found guilty on three of four counts.

Hours after the verdict was published aBookby Matthew Russell Lee, who tweeted live and provided daily coverage of the trial, asking questions to Milton and his lawyers in Foley Square outside.

On December 14, Milton filed for a new trial - citing "Book Interviews" published October 16-17, 2022, see Milton's filing on DocumentCloudhere.

On January 11, 2023, the US Attorney's Office wrote, proposing a conviction in early May. photo of the letterhere. Milton wants a hearing on his motions - and if it's held we'll report on it. Check out this page.

Following Milton's December 14 filing, Inner City Press addressed the jury regarding the allegations made by Milton's team. She sneered: "It's an old Facebook post from 2017, like when Bernie ran and it was a repost from AOC, not even my words, Trevor wasn't even on the radar back then. And I liked Elon until he bought Twitter Same as cheating Which I think makes sense anyway The funny thing is I really don't use social media. Like yes, my Facebook is active and Twitter and Instagram but I don't actively use them. I will never delete my Facebook because if my family needs me, that's how they reach me."

How much change does Milton's appeal to it?

On the Monday following Friday's verdict, Inner City Press conducted a second interview following an initial screenshot on Patreonhere- and full version of the 2D interviewhereand under.

On November 3, Milton's attorney wrote to Judge Ramos asking for an extra month to file post-trial motions, saying he wanted to review and analyze the post-trial jury interviews: "
Dear Judge Ramos, This letter is respectfully submitted on behalf of Defendant Trevor Milton to request a 30-day extension for filing post-trial motions under the Fed. R Cr p. 29 and Rule 33. Applications are currently due on November 14, 2022. The additional 30 days would make December 14, 2022 the new submission date. The requested additional time is necessary for two main reasons. First, as the court is aware, the court record on this matter is voluminous. Second, we have heard that several jurors have made comments and statements about the trial and deliberations to the media and/or online following the verdict. The defense believes that these comments must be carefully considered and analyzed in the context of the post-trial motions. The Government agrees to this requested extension of time, although the above reasons for the request are purely defensive."

Am 4. November, EspritNeuCommenting on the relevance of jury interviews to post-trial motions, Judge Ramos gave the 30thTagEnlargement: "MEMO SUPPORT [250] LETTER REQUEST to Judge Edgardo Ramos of Marc L. Mukasey dated November 3, 2022 regarding: Extension of time limit for filing requests under Rules 29 and 33... SUPPORT... The request for an initial, 30-day, Extension of the deadline for filing applications under the procedure set out in Fed.R.Crim.P.29 and 33 is granted. SO SPECIFIED. (Signed by Judge Edgardo Ramos on 11/4/22)."

On December 14, three new attorneys filed Milton on. They filed a motion for a new trial and an acquittal on count 3.” Allegations include that jury instructions were unclear, that juror 6 “has hostility toward corporate executives, and that the U.S. “receives money or property” could not prove. Element of Count Three. documents follow. Check out this page.

Interviews: Jury #9, "V" - "Sure, overall the whole process was very dense in terms of information, my own guess is that at least 50 pages of notes front and back were needed. While Mr. Milton may not have liked the outcome, he should have known that I believe he did indeed receive a perfectly fair trial, personally I had to put "credibility?" in my notes. and in the end I didn't use two testimonies in my rationale because I just couldn't find them credible....

... For about the first hour and a half, no decision was made at all. Personally, it felt like we were a hung jury.

"That's when we started requesting some pieces of evidence that we hadn't taken notes on that we needed to break the ice that the juror may have said or sought evidence that contradicts or further supports what was said.

"It was said on count 2 that I saw a lot of questions after looking up to see what the public thought he was close to conviction. He achieved 2/3 of the requirements and we started discussing the third. read the indictment and found that while count 2 was similar to count 1, it had to meet ALL the requirements.

“When we asked if anyone noticed any evidence that the government had met those criteria, we found that they fell short. Regarding the count of four, I just wanted to mention that we actually didn't even like Mr. Hicks, and personally I think he's greedy. but on trial Trevor was still guilty." Full interview on Patreonhere.

The case is US v Milton, 21-cr-478 (Ramos)

Check out this page.

Lee was in the courtroom of US District Court for the Southern District of New York, Judge Edgardo Ramos, every day, venturing further afield to investigate leads provided solely to him and Inner City Press and Nikola whistleblowers.

When the trial ended, Inner City Press released descriptions of documents destroyed inside Nikola and guilty pleas from officials still with the company.

Material from these whistleblowers, the trial, and even some other speculative and literary excursions featuring recurring characters Kurt Wheelock and Michael Randall Long included in the book "Maximum Maxwell" by Ghislaine Maxwell, as noted by New York Magazine,here, made it into the new book at the speed of the internet

„Hydrogen Heist: The Trial of Nikola’s Trevor Milton: On Fraud, Guilty of 3 of 4 Counts; From Musk and Tesla Wannabe to Convict in SDNY, von Matthew Russell Lee

E-bookhere; paper bookhere

This review leaves it to others to find exaggerations and typos. For his reporting, Lee wasverbotenby the United Nations in 2018 by SG Antonio Guterres, whose head of media accreditation, Melissa Fleming, has ignored appeals from a UNSpecial Rapporteuron freedom of speech and, pro bono, the law firm ofQuinn Emmanuel.

One might suspect that the story leads to a certain (excessive?) identification of the book with the accused.

A comprehensive instant look at processes like US v. Trevor Milton and their take off seems to be Inner City Press.project here.

andhereit is.

Trevor Milton appealed, citing downtown press interviews Mulled with Juror May sentencing (1)


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