Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Top 10 Best Soulblight Gravelord Units - GameCrag (2023)

Soulblight Gravelords are led by powerful vampire lords and include various units such as vampires, skeletons, zombies and monstrous creatures such as blood knights and terrorists.

Soulblight Gravelords are a good faction in Age of Sigmar because of their versatility and power. They have access to a wide range of units that can be used in a variety of ways, from overwhelming opponents with hordes of undead to attacking with powerful monsters and elite vampire units.

They also have strong magical abilities, with access to unique spells and abilities that can weaken their enemies or strengthen their own units.

One of the strengths of Soulblight Gravelords is their ability to regenerate units during battle.

This is due to their unique ability "Deathless Minions", which allows them to ignore wounds on a roll of 6, making them much more durable in combat.

They also have access to powerful command abilities that can enhance their units' abilities or debuff their opponents, making them a formidable force on the battlefield!

10) Coven throne

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The Coven Throne is a unique unit ridden by a vampire and accompanied by acolytes armed with needle-sharp blades. The Coven Throne is considered one of the best units in the Soulblight Gravelord army for several reasons.

First, Coven Throne is a powerful wizard unit that can attempt to cast one spell in your hero phase and attempt to unbind one spell in the enemy hero phase. This makes it a valuable asset for controlling the battlefield and supporting other units in your army.

Second, the Coven Throne is a flying unit that allows it to move above other units and terrain, giving it greater mobility and flexibility on the battlefield.

9) Necromancer

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The Necromancer is considered one of the best units in the army due to its ability to summon units and powerful spell casting abilities.

The Necromancer has a unique ability called "Summon Dead", which allows him to summon units of skeleton warriors or zombies to the battlefield. This ability can be used once per turn, making the Necromancer a valuable tool for restoring lost units or creating new ones.

In addition to his summoning ability, the Necromancer is a powerful wizard who can attempt to cast two spells in your hero phase and attempt to unbind one spell in the enemy hero phase. This makes it a valuable tool for controlling the battlefield and supporting other units in your army.

8) Fallen bats

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Fell Bats known for their speed and mobility on the table. Each model in the Fell Bats unit is armed with elongated fangs.

Able to fly over landscapes and models, you can adjust them as you wish.

Also, Fell Bats are a relatively cheap unit in terms of point cost, making them an effective choice to fulfill the battle line requirements of a Soulblight Gravelord army.

Players like to include a unit or two of Fell Bats, simply because of their flanking threats and mobility.

7) Scary wolves

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Dire Wolves another unit known for their speed and ability to engage enemy units quickly.

In terms of point cost, they are another relatively cheap unit in terms of point cost. They are similar to Fell Bats, except they cannot fly, but are stronger fighters.

In addition, Dire Wolves have a unique ability called "Slavering Charge", which gives them a bonus to hit and wound rolls in the combat phase if they made a charge move in the same turn.

This ability makes Dire Wolves a very effective unit for attacking and disrupting enemy units!

6) Vampiri Gravelords

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Vampire Gravelords are vampire lords and ladies who lead undead legions into battle.

Versatile units that can adapt to different playstyles. They have access to a wide range of spells, abilities and command traits that can be used to enhance their combat ability and support other units in the army.

In addition, Vampire Gravelords have access to an ability called "Deathly Invocation", which allows them to heal nearby undead units and bring back slain models.

Model regeneration is the lifeblood of every Soulblight Gravelord power, you should use it as much as possible.

5) Palanquin Bloodseeker

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The Bloodseeker Palanquin is a huge, unique and deadly unit that is designed to strengthen other vampire units and kill enemy heroes.

It is ridden by a Sanguinarch armed with a Bloodletting Blade, and has a spectral host armed with Spectral Claws and Blades.

It even has an ability labeled "Hunger," which allows Soulblight creatures to heal themselves by drinking the blood of defeated enemies.

Plus, he counts as a wizard! So it can even use spells, just in case your main caster gets killed.

4) Dvorski Varghalf

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The Varghulf Courtier is a fast and agile unit that can move quickly across the battlefield and attack vulnerable enemy units.

One of Varghulf Courtier's most powerful abilities is his "Savage Strike" ability, which allows him to deal additional damage to enemy units that have already taken wounds.

This ability can help the Varghulf Courtier quickly eliminate enemy units and clear the way for other units in the army.

Such a huge amount of mobility and power comes at a heavy point cost. However, it is worth the investment as this model can be a nightmare for your opponent.

3) Grozni Horori

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Crypt Horrors are monstrous infantry with powerful attacks and great stamina, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Known for their ability to deal significant damage to enemy units, thanks to their "Monstrous Claw" ability, which allows them to make multiple attacks with their massive claws.

Not only that, Crypt Horrors have a high wound count and a good armor save, making them hard to take down.

Strong stats across all segments for a good point cost make this unit a must for any military build!

2) Vargheisti

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Vargheists are monstrous winged infantry, making them a fast and mobile option. Also, they are known for their fighting ability and tanking ability.

High offensive stats allow them to break through units with ease and can easily pick the fights they want.

It can use the "Immortal Servants" ability of nearby necromancers, allowing them to ignore wounds on a roll of 6. This makes Vargheists even more durable and difficult to take down.

Furthermore, Vampire Lords can enhance Vargheists using their "Lord of the Dead" ability, which gives nearby Soulblight units a bonus to hit and wound rolls.

You can see how strong the Vargheists can be with some powerful Lords by their side!

1) Knights of blood

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Top 10 Best Soulblight Gravelord Units - GameCrag (10)

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The Blood Knights are elite vampire warriors who ride on powerful nightmares, known for their crimson armor and ornate weapons.

They have a powerful melee attack that deals lethal wounds on a roll of 6, making them effective against heavily armored opponents. Or even units with high defense rolls!

Their Nightmares also have a powerful "Tread Under Hoof" ability that can deal damage to multiple enemy units in one turn.

In addition to their offensive abilities, Blood Knights are also very durable. They have a high number of wounds and a 3+ armor save, making them difficult to kill in combat.

Overall, Blood Knights are a strong and versatile unit in Age of Sigmar, with high damage output and durability. For these reasons, Blood Knights are surely the best unit available to Soulblight Gravelords!


Who leads Soulblight Gravelords? ›

The Soulblight Gravelords are the legions and dynasties of undead led by Soulblight vampires.

Who can Soulblight Gravelords ally with? ›

Yes, as Oppenheimer said, Soublight can rely on nighthaunts because some of their useful abilities are not related to external buffs. Imo a great ally would be Banshees. And i mean a group of them, as their scream stacks perfectly with our bravery debuffs.

What is the battleline in Soulblight Gravelords? ›

Battlelines in Soulblight Gravelords

Deathrattle Skeletons are your standard battleline. They have to compete with Zombies that at the moment are fighting for one of the best battlelines in Age of Sigmar.

What is a Vargskyr? ›

DESCRIPTION. A Vargskyr is a single model armed with Talons and a Gaping Maw. ABILITIES. Bounding Leaps: Three times the height of a man and with supernatural strength and reflexes, a Vargskyr covers ground with terrifying speed. You can attempt to charge with this model if it is within 18" of the enemy instead of 12".

Who is the leader of the undead in Age of Sigmar? ›

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead.

How many battleline do you need? ›

Choose Your Battleline

In a 1,000 pt game you need 2 units. In a 2,000 pt game you need 3 units and in a 2,500 pt game you need 4. What constitutes a battleline varies wildly within each army.

Can allies be battleline? ›

In matched play there are further restrictions, for example allied units do not count as battlelines but they do count in the limit of leaders, behemoths and artillery that you can field.

What army is Nagash in? ›

The Legions of Nagash are the numerous undead armies that serve at the behest of the Great Necronmancer Nagash, the ruling god of the Realm of Shyish.

Can ossiarch bonereapers have allies? ›

An Army With Cool Friends

So here's a neat thing – any Ossiarch Bonereapers army can include Nagash and Arkhan, not as allies but as fully-fledged commanders of your force! While Ossiarch Bonereapers are not Summonable units, they can still be healed and restored to life by these sinister overlords of death.

Is Arkhan the black in the Soulblight Gravelords? ›

The Legion of Sacrament was the personal undead legion of Arkhan the Black, tasked by Nagash with his most sensitive and critical missions.

Who is the leader of the Nighthaunt in Age of Sigmar? ›

The Nighthaunts would be his outriders of horror, the first wave for his long-planned Soul Wars. To command this new vanguard of terror, Nagash appointed a new leader -- Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief.

What is a Vargulf Warhammer? ›

A Varghulf has a monstrous body, swollen by a constant diet of red meat. Unbound by Human form, a Varghulf is a contorted mass of packed muscle, giving it the strength to crush a chariot or bowl over entire ranks of those stupid enough to try and pen it in.

Who is the most powerful in Age of Sigmar? ›

Army Ranking (on all results)
1.Grand Alliance Chaos100.00
2.Legions of Nagash97.88
3.Disciples of Tzeentch93.28
4.Stormcast Eternals89.18
22 more rows

Who are the bad guys in Age of Sigmar? ›

These are the cannibal-marauder tribesmen dedicated to the Blood God Khorne. Many who dwell beneath Hammerhal are the remnants of the Flayhounds, a Bloodbound warband that was scattered by the Hammers of Sigmar when the city of Hammerhal was founded.

Who is the blood god in Age of Sigmar? ›

Khorne, the Blood God, is the Chaos God of rage incarnate and the lord of slaughter, the god of war, murder and wrath. He is the destroyer of worlds and the physical manifestation of hatred, and by his will thousands of civilizations have been butchered.

What are the restrictions for 1000 points in AoS? ›

In a 1000 points game you need at least 2 battlelines (there's no upper limit) and in a 2000 points game at least 3. Up to 2 units (in 1000 points) or 4 units (in 2000 points) can be reinforced.

What is 1000 points in Age of Sigmar? ›

1000 points

1000 point is what many groups will start out at and can make for great intro games. 1000 points is a nice starting point for a force. You will not have so many units that your brain will go into complete meltdown from the different rules, but you will have just enough that the game has some tactical depth.

How many leaders can you have in Age of Sigmar? ›

Yes! AFAIK, you can have up to six leaders.

Who can Seraphon ally with? ›

The Seraphon are the implacable turning of the cosmos personified.
SeraphonCities of Sigmar, Stormcast Eternals

Who can Sylvaneth ally with? ›

SylvanethCities of Sigmar, Fyreslayers, Idoneth Deepkin, Stormcast Eternals

What is the minimum battleline in AOS? ›

You are required to have two battleline units in a 1000pt game, or three in a 2000pt game.

Why is Nagash so powerful? ›

It all goes back to the World-that-Was, when Neferata made a devil's bargain with Nagash to attain immortal life – but nothing comes for free. The Soulblight curse granted her incredible power, along with an unslakable, eternal thirst for blood.

Who is the god of the Undead in Warhammer? ›

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead.

Is Nagash a bad guy? ›

Type of Villain

Nagash is one of the main antagonists of Warhammer. He was the creator of Necromancy and one of the most powerful magic users of all time, capable of wiping out entire armies.

Who is the leader of Vampire Counts Total War Warhammer? ›

Sylvania, led by Vlad von Carstein and Isabella von Carstein.

What is the curse of Exsanguination? ›

Curse of Exsanguination: Speaking an incantation from the Sixth Book of Nagash, the vampire commands an enemy's blood to violently burst from their body. Curse of Exsanguination has a casting value of 6. If successfully cast, pick 1 enemy unit within 18" of the caster that is visible to them.

Who is the main villain in Total War: Warhammer? ›

Archaon, also known as Archaon the Everchosen, is a fictional character in the Warhammer franchise, leader of the forces of Chaos, and one of the primary antagonists in multiple settings and mediums owned by Games Workshop.

Who killed Vlad von Carstein? ›

With a prayer to Sigmar on his lips, Wilhelm summoned his last reserve and charged Von Carstein, resolving to destroy Von Carstein by sacrificing himself. Even as Wilhelm took Vlad's blade through his chest, he seized Von Carstein and bore him over the ramparts.

What race is Arkhan? ›

Arkhan is a heavily muscled, red-scaled dragonborn who is nearly seven feet tall.

Why is Arkhan called the black? ›

Yes, He earned the nickname "the Black" from his appalling dental hygiene and his love of chewing the juseh root, meaning his teeth had been turned into hideous shards. and Idk why GW and CA make it appear otherwise. His name is Arkhan the black because of his scorched skeleton, but hes still bleach white.

Does Arkhan the Black know all spells? ›

Arkhan the Black is a Wizard. He can attempt to cast 3 spells in your hero phase and attempt to unbind 3 spells in the enemy hero phase. He knows the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Curse of Years spells.

Is Nagash stronger than chaos? ›

Nagash is usually portrayed as the lesset evil compared to Chaos, but he literally wants to kill everyone so he can control them. Chaos (besides Archaon) by my understanding, want to rule the world but the people wouldnt be mindless subjects.

How much blood can you lose? ›

In a healthy adult, there is an average of 4.5-5.5 liters or 70-90 ml/kg of blood circulating at any given time. Most adults can tolerate losing up to 14% of their blood volume without physical symptoms or deviations in their vital signs.

How long does it take to exsanguinate? ›

If the wound is bad enough to cause rapid blood loss, bleeding to death can happen as quickly as 5 minutes. If the bleeding is slower but continuous, days can pass before bleeding to death is occurs.

What is bleeding to death called? ›

Exsanguination is death caused by loss of blood. Depending upon the health of the individual, people usually die from losing half to two-thirds of their blood; a loss of roughly one-third of the blood volume is considered very serious.


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